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Best Director S.S. Rajamouli Movies Ranked insights

Director S.S Rajamouli movies burst onto the world stage with the global success of RRR, which has gained international acclaim and huge demand in its home country. Creating a global cinematic phenomenon is certainly no easy task for a filmmaker outside of Hollywood. After all, RRR has garnered numerous award nominations outside of its home country and set new streaming records on Netflix.

But Rajamouli's success is also no secret. After the national success of his 2015 blockbuster Baahubali: The Beginning, stories about his dedication to the craft quickly became household names among Indian fans. Rajamouli's cinematic philosophy is to focus on great individual emotions and sculpt them to perfection. To achieve this, he is ready to make every effort, which is confirmed by his crew members. The director is known for being very meticulous in his requirements and pursuing his vision with relentless tenacity.

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Maryada Ramanna

Maryada Ramanna was Rajamoula's tribute to the great. The film is an adaptation of the 1923 film Our Hospitality by film pioneer Buster Keaton. Being deeply affected by it, Rajamouli felt the need to tell the story in his own way. In an unusual move, he cast Indukuri Sunil Varma in the lead role, an actor who plays comedy almost exclusively, a trope all too common for South Indian characters. The film became one of Telegu's highest-grossing Rajamouli movies of that year and was later remade into the Bollywood film Son of Sardaar.

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Simhadri was the second film directed by Rajamouli to star RRR actor N.T. Rama Rao Jr starring. The film tells the story of a righteous orphan boy who grows up to become a secret guard. While it doesn't immediately stand out from the action films of its time, it showcases many of the cinematic philosophies that would become a hit later, including overt mythological parallels as well as clear, effective appeals to great emotion.

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Yamadonga belongs to a very niche genre of Hindi films that is rarely seen nowadays. It stars NTR Jr. Again, his character, Raja, is a con artist who goes to hell for his misdeeds. Upon arriving in the underworld, he proves too clever even for the god of death, Yama, and begins to wreak havoc on his kingdom. At one point, he even stole the power of a deity from him. The video shows NTR Jr. The comedy is at its best and it has a completely different romance/action  series that ties into the plot. It was one of the best action Rajamouli movie.

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Two years after its release, Simhadri Rajamouli began to show a more specific perspective when telling action stories. Some critics found Chatrapathi a non-fiction film, but it clearly had more to offer. The film presented a poignant story of a community of refugees from Sri Lanka, who have been persecuted and exploited by local criminal groups for years. The righteous hero, played by Prabha, finally appears among the people to put an end to this and becomes the protector of the region - the chatrapathi. This Rajamouli movie has a distinct angst and emotion, a quality that resonated well with audiences and was also reflected in the ten nominations it received at the South Filmfare Awards.

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The plot of eega seems pretty absurd at first glance: a murdered man reincarnates as a fly to take revenge on a rich, perverted villain to protect his girlfriend. Rajamouli successfully handled the visual effects challenges of the film and garnered acclaim both in India and internationally. In addition to numerous national awards, Eega Rajamouli movie won Most Original Film at the Toronto Film Festival after the Darkness. The film also featured an early iteration of the Hindi formula shot simultaneously in two languages: Telugu and Tamil.

Years before the massive successes of RRR and Baahubali, Rajamouli was already at the center of yet another cinematic phenomenon. Magadheera was an early experiment in the period fantasy genre, an overarching story of love and reincarnation built on a vast fantasy world. It is one of the most important Telugu films of the 2000s, breaking the language barrier to become popular across India. This hit Rajamouli movie was also a hit for Ram Charan, who was set to star in RRR alongside NTR Jr..

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Baahubali's films single-handedly launched a cinematic movement across India with unprecedented success, breaking through the glass ceiling of regional Indian cinema and setting national records. Built on a scale never before seen in Hindi films, it tells the story of an ancient, majestic kingdom where two talented princes vie for the title of the next king. Baahubali's first installment ended on a cliffhanger that effectively became a meme, keeping the hype alive and well until the sequel set even bigger records by becoming the highest-grossing Hindi film of all time.

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RRR was Latest Rajamouli movie and greatest blockbuster hit, RRR has become a household name the world over. Beyond its grand spectacle, RRR is technically a work of historical fiction, imagining a scenario where two real-life Indian revolutionaries from different parts of the country not only meet but also become good friends while fighting together against British colonial rule. Currently, the film is competing for a long list of accolades in the West, including two Golden Globe Awards.

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