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Amazon Prime Offers Rs 30 Crore To Akshay Kumar And His Bell Bottom Team For Early Premiere Of The Movie

Our Sources has recently informed our readers that bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and the team of Bell Bottom have decided to release the movie early on Amazon Prime Video  OTT platform. In our lead, we reveal that Bell Bottom will release digitally within 3 weeks of its theatrical release date. The news caused a stir in the trade, and it was no surprise that the Multiplex  Association decided to rebel against OTT's early issuance strategy.

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According to trade sources, multiplexer owners have decided to send their concerns about the premiere in such a short time on OTT. And now we have another news. A high-profile source has informed us that the Bell Bottom team has received a premium price offer from Amazon Prime Video if they decide on an early release. “If the movie is released within 3 weeks of release, Amazon Prime Video will pay the Bell Bottom team an additional Rs 30 crore on top of the signed agreement [traditional 6-8 week release pattern],” the source told Bollywood Hungama.

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That's a big number for Team Bell Bottom, as theater revenue is expected to be low given the pandemic scenario. The amount of money is so profitable for them that they cannot refuse, and therefore they are more or less focused on this launch plan. As it stands, the movie will be doing a little work two weeks into the current pandemic. So it's better to take the extra R. 30 crores and making it a win-win scenario for the producers. The source explained that even the exhibitors will get new content on the screen.

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While through this, producers are making additional profits, the exhibition sector is divided as everyone in the industry ignores the fact that the exhibition sector has been hardest hit by the pandemic. "While it's a lucrative move for producers, exhibitors could lose audiences. Why would anyone risk seeing a movie in theaters if it's freely available in less than 20 days? Individual screens are bleeding out and this move will hold their business back for a much longer-short-term." A short OTT window could mean a faster death for individual displays because it would open up another avenue for producers to mint money.Today, it's Bell Bottom, and tomorrow, it could be everyone else.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and the Bell Bottom team is deeply considering this offer and will soon announce the final decision whether the movie will be released early on ott platform Amazon Prime Video or not.

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