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Flipkart Quick Hyperlocal Service to deliver 90-minute deliveries to over 2000 products

Flipkart announced on Tuesday the launch of a 90-minute super local delivery service that will offer customers a range of more than 2,000 products in categories including groceries, dairy products, meat and stationery. It is called Flipkart Quick, and the new offer will initially be launched in Bangalore, although it will be expanded to six other cities in India in the coming months. The latest Flipkart services will be available in conjunction with their existing supermarket specializing in grocery stores.

Customers who purchase items through Flipkart Quick will have a minimal delivery fee of Rs. 29, and your orders will be delivered between 6 am and midnight. The online marketplace will provide options for choosing an order with delivery within the next 90 minutes or reserving a space for two hours to allow customers to choose the appropriate delivery form for them.

Flipkart Quick will not be limited to products the company already owns on its portal. Instead, it will also introduce new categories including dairy products, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that will be provided by many local vendors and supply chain partners. Flipkart also claims that the new service will not rely on the traditional pincode system model to locate delivery locations in the region and use "advanced technology" to map the locations.

"This technology promises not only to accelerate the last mile process, but also to provide more accuracy to the address mapping system, thus avoiding the possibility of errors or retries," the company said in a statement.

Flipkart claims that its new service will help digitize Kirana stores and local merchants in the country. However, it will initially be limited to positioning in Bangalore, including Whitefield, Panathore, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Banashankari, KR Puram, and Indiranagar.

“While we started with our dark store model (without access), where we allow sellers to store inventory near the consumer,” Sandeep Karwa, Vice President of Flipkart said, “This model has the potential to encourage local entrepreneurship and enable new business strategies and partnerships.”

Flipkart Quick appears to be based on a similar model to the Amazon-approved Prime Now service that was finally closed earlier this month and incorporated its experience into the Amazon Fresh brand. It is also another step by Walmart company owned to face JioMart from Reliance Industries which so far has been limited to grocery stores, but has plans to go to retail for electronics, fashion, healthcare and pharmaceuticals in coming years. Months.

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The domestic market in India has the potential to bypass Rs. Rs. 2,306 million by 2020, according to a previous estimate of COVID by Ken Research. The COVID-19 epidemic has also greatly affected e-commerce companies and pushed them into new business models to maintain their presence in the country.

Earlier this month, Flipkart acquired Walmart's business in India to launch the wholesale market of Kirana and other small businesses in the country. Amazon India recently expanded Amazon Pantry's business in more than 300 cities to expand delivery of grocery products and other essentials through its online marketplace.

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