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In India, Amazon gained permission to deliver wine, beer, alcohol and spirits

Since the announcement of the closure, alcohol consumption has received a major blow, also state revenues associated with the sale of alcohol.

The battle is real, as shops are still closed today and for people eager to drink alcohol in times of new coronaviruses.

Although there are some states where alcohol is still sold in stores, the longlines make it very dangerous.

However, our problems seem to soon disappear, as Amazon India obtained a permit to deliver alcohol in West Bengal, according to a Reuters report. Reuters found a document indicating the e-commerce giant was getting alcohol into people's homes.

This permission was granted by the West Bengal state beverage company; Amazon was also called up to sign a memorandum of understanding with West Bengal, according to a notice.

Amazon isn't the only one-
However, the amazing thing is that Amazon wasn't the only one in line to get this authorization. BigBasket online grocery platform was also one of the players who got permission to sell alcohol in the country online.

Amazon, with this latest mandate, will sink its foot in a $ 27.2 billion market, as revealed by the IWSR Beverage Market Analysis.

Amazon and BigBasket are not the first to sell alcohol online. Swiggy and Zomato food delivery apps started delivering alcohol in some cities, handling high orders amid shutdowns.

Will it be available across the country? not now. As each Indian state has its own alcohol sales policies. So far, West Bengal has only started inviting companies to accept electronic alcohol requests. But if all goes well, we might expect this to appear in other countries of our nation as well.

What do you think about the Amazon invasion in delivering alcoholic drinks? Let us know in the comments below.

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