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Unlock 2.0: Till July 31, no schools, colleges but more trains and flights

2.0 Open Guidelines and Rules: The Center issued guidelines for opening the second phase on Monday, starting July 1, relaxing with the night curfew, providing more flights and national trains and licensing more than five people in the store.

However, schools, colleges and other educational institutions will remain closed until July 31, and metro lines, multi complex, gym, pool, bar, and hall railway will be closed until further requests.

An order issued by the Federation's Home Minister, Ajay Bhala, said that, upon instructions from the National Disaster Management Authority, more activities were permitted in a calibrated manner in areas outside the containment areas. Within the containment areas, the closure procedures were extended until July 31.

Countries are free to place more restrictions they deem necessary, although they cannot close the borders. "States / UTs may, based on their assessment of the situation, prohibit certain activities outside the containment areas ... However, there will be no restrictions on the movement of people and goods between and within states, including those for trade and the guidelines say" across borders by treaties with states Neighborhood. There will be no need for a separate electronic permit / approval / permit for these moves. "

The night curfew will now be at 10 pm. 5 am instead of 9 pm 5 am and stated in the decision of the Ministry of Interior that this is done for "the continuous operation of industrial units in multiple shifts, the movement of people and goods on national and state highways, loading and unloading goods, and transporting people to their homes. Destinations after Get off buses, trains, and planes. "

Depending on their size and their ability to guarantee the actual distance, stores can now have more than five people at a time.

Regarding educational institutions, the guidelines issued on Monday say: "After extensive consultation with the states and the United Nations, it is decided that schools, colleges, and training institutions will remain closed until July 31." The May 30 guidelines said that a decision regarding the opening of schools and universities will be made in July.

However, central and government government training institutes may operate from July 15 onwards. It said: "Standard operating procedures in this regard will be issued by the Personnel and Training Department of the Indian government."

Despite requests from countries like Delhi, the center did not give a green signal to run Metro services. Movie theaters, gyms, swimming pools, parks, theaters, bars, galleries and the like are also closed.

"Social / political / sports / leisure / academic / cultural / religious jobs and other large gatherings" are also prohibited. Guidelines say: "The dates for resuming the above activities can be set separately, and standard operating procedures must be required."

For containment areas, MHA has detailed instructions this time. The guidelines for the extension of the blockade until the end of July say: "The district authorities will designate the containment areas after observing the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with the aim of breaking the actual protection." Transmission chain. "

Basic activities will only be allowed in containment areas, with strict ocean control. The guidelines say "... there will be extensive follow-up to home-to-house communications and surveillance and other clinical interventions as needed."

Other guidelines related to the use of masks, expected measures in the workplace and the use of the Aarogya Setu application were emphasized as in the past.

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