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Katy Perry felt suicidal after her separation from Orlando Bloom

Katie Perry gave a candid interview about her mental health trip and told CBC's Tom Radio Power presenter CBC that she considered suicide after her separation from Orlando Bloom in 2017.

Katy Perry and Bloom started dating in early 2016. The two separated about a year later, in February 2017. Their representatives released a statement at the time saying, "Before the rumors or imitations spin out of control, we can confirm that Orlando and Katie are taking a respectable and loving space now." The couple started spending time together again in August 2017. By May 2018, Perry said she was no longer single. In September 2018, the two made their red carpet appearance together again as a couple. They got involved in Valentine's Day for 2019. Perry is now expecting her first child this summer.

"My career was on this path when I was going up and down and then I had the smallest change, not that big from an external perspective, but for me it was seismic," Perry told Power, via Daily Mail and CNN. "They say that if the ship is in a degree of navigation, it will land on a different continent."

"He gave a lot, literally cut me in half. I separated from my friend, who is now my future father," she continued. "Then I was excited to fly high on the next record. But verification didn't stop me, so I just fell."

Perry said that her faith helped her recover. (Perry's parents were patrons of the race.) He said, "It was very important for me to disintegrate so that I could find my integrity in a completely different way." "And being far from living my life like a thirsty pop star all the time."

She added: "Gratitude is probably what saved my life, because if I hadn't discovered I would have floundered in my grief, I might have jumped." But I found a way to be grateful. If it was too difficult, I turned around and said, “I am grateful, I am grateful! "Even though I'm in a bad mood.

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