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Garden Ideas on A Budget

Being one of the nature enthusiasts of the today's generation, planting, and gardening and taking a huge turn in terms of designing and maintaining. Nowadays it's a lot more than seeding and irrigation as one seems to dress their backyard with their needs and wants and we will help you get there on a budget

1. Shape Up:

Cut off your excess area of land to really focus on the garden you're trying to blossom on a budget. This not only makes you better at the placement of your plants but also helps you declutter the extra area that need not be covered. You can achieve this by simply tying a thread around your garden area or using a spade to dig(Just make a slit in the ground and not dig the ground up)  a thin line around your area. Total cost involved, Zero.

2. Make a Budget:

Now that you have decided what ground you need to cover, decide your budget for the same. It’s a very obvious thing to say but a very useful one as once you get out to shop for your backyard, you would want to buy all the seeds and plants that you couldn’t afford in the first place.

3. Don’t over-seed it:

Generosity of seeds might make you feel like you’re a better gardener but it just makes you waste a lot of seeds for the same amount land. Always keep a tab on your storage of seeds so as to limit over-seeding. Sowing very thin lines of seeds are one of the ways of doing it. Again total cost involved, Zero. In fact, you save a few bucks as well.

4. Repurpose:

One of the costs involved in plantation and gardening is the buying pots and containers for your green friends to bloom and prosper. Try making some of them on your own by using containers out of usual household products and containers. Repurpose your cartons and jugs as they become nice containers. Practice rainwater harvesting in barrels to be used later for your barren backyard.Use leftovers from your last night's meal to add organic and nutritious compost to your plants. This goes without saying but, save seeds from your current plants and reuse them rather than buying new every now and then.   

5. Gravel:

Be a smart gardener and fill your pathways of your garden with gravel as it is one of the cheapest ways to fill up your land whilst making it look more elegant and beautiful. It gives a softer mood to the garden too. Its one of the most flexible and movable component of the garden as it is easy to shift and spread. Try using a pale gravel color tune to contrast with your greeneries, For example, Honey stone.

6. Light it up:

Cheap tea lights around your garden( or even inside it) helps a lot in filling up your plot with bright colors. This not only helps your garden to look for a fuller but also helps you present your garden at night.Do not use bad quality lights as they seem to heat up pretty quickly that can be harmful to the plants and also might burn them sometimes.