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The day when you can finally kiss and tell!

February 13th is celebrated as kiss day all over. The western concept which has deeply rooted itself in our culture as well is surely the celebration of the day of love. In fact, every day of the week until Valentine’s has been given a special significance to make the month and your Valentine more special and memorable than ever. The day is also a funny concept for some as a kiss is one of the most innocent forms to show affection towards a loved one. So plan ahead to show your beloved how much you love them in this silent but beautiful language.

According to the dictionary, “A kiss is the touch or pressing of one's lips against another person or an object”. But that cannot define the feelings and emotions out into a kiss waiting especially for your beloved. One of the most intimate forms to show passion a kiss can be intense to express the depths or a mild one to show how much you value the other person. In any case, it means to show your affection towards your counterpart. So how did a kiss originate? Well, according to history, during the old ages, cavemen brought this concept. The women in that time chewed up the food before feeding their infant and then transferred it in the form of a kiss, and that is how it became a symbol of love, affection, and passion. Even in our Indian culture, it is believed that the air we exhale is a part of the soul and when two people bring their mouths together souls are combined into one. This is also mentioned in the old Indian Vedic texts where it is said to be “drinking moisture of the lips.”

So this kiss day flood your partner with dozens of them in order to show them love and affection. Those who do not have their loved ones near, do not worry, we got you covered. You can always send your loved one a cute gift sealed with a kiss or “XO” which is a universal symbol for hugs and kisses.

Remember a kiss is a tender and beautiful feeling, be it for your girl or your infant, they are full of warmth and should never lose their sensitivity. The day aims to make us closer to our loved one through this beautiful language. So make sure you celebrate the day to the fullest and make it one of the most remarkable days ever, for both yourself and your loved one!

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