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What turns guys off

Yes, that happens too

Men may not admit it, but they are sensitive beings too. They get jealous like us, they cry like us and they like gossip, just like us. However, contrary to popular opinion that guys are always horny they too have certain turn offs when it comes to girls. It’s things we do or say that really turns them off and here is a list of a few of them.



no no, not you being jealous of his girl friends but you purposely making him jealous by talking about random guys. You are trying to make him jealous of all the guys that swoon over you, but in reality you’re not making a good impression. Steer clear of that maybe?



you’re in love and want to show it, it’s only fair. But trying to hog all his time of the day is just being a clingy girlfriend. No guy likes that, you need to give him his own space and time to hang out with his guy friends. 

Playing hard to get-

playing hard to get

yes, it is always fun when a guy is trying to court you. He will do anything to please you, take you out on fancy dates and make you feel on top of the world. But sometime in the future, you have to reward his efforts. If you just keep on playing hard to get, he will eventually tire out and give up.

Playing dumb-


this should not just turn guys off, it should offend you as a woman too. Women play dumb and helpless to make the guy feel needed but he can see right through your façade, ladies. Confidence is what he likes in his women. So chin up and chest out.

Being overly dramatic-


ladies, control your drama. You’re a mature woman, act like one. You don’t need to make a big hue and cry of every little fight you have, just deal with it like mature adults and get past it. You’re not teenagers who breakup after every stupid fight.

Make you man proud of you, because that is the best kind of love.