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Qualities that guys find attractive

Other than looks

Girls are attractive. Tall, short, fat, thin, fair, dark, all types of girls are attractive no matter their physical looks. But that’s not all guys find attractive. There are certain things about girls that guys find attractive that have nothing to do with how you look. Surprised? Yeah, it’s true

A genuine smile-


When a girl smiles her most genuine smile without any pretense, that’s the best. There is nothing he can do but fall for that. That shows how comfortable we are with him to not pretend.

Don’t stress over your wardrobe-


Yes, we like to dress up, but if you’re too fussy about your clothes guys might think you’re being superficial or trying too hard. That is a turn off for them girls. Look sexy effortlessly.


career first

I don’t mean #couplegoals but goals that you would like to achieve career wise. A dream job that you want and will do anything to get. A woman determined to get what she wants is very sexy.

Adventure seeker-


you don’t have to go campaigning every time you go out, but if he knows you’re open for it and take interest in the outdoors, he will surely pay more attention to you. Guys are just born adrenaline junkies, if they find a woman who shares that same high, it’s just brownie points for you, ladies.

Interest in music-


now this speaks volumes of you. Your taste in music tells the kind of person you are. If you’re into cheap rap such as Honey Singh and Raftaar and you come upon a guy who’s actually classy, chances are he will not appreciate your taste in baseless music.

Guys are not so shallow after all!