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Kota Factory Season 3 Review: A New Twist to the Journey

Season 3 of "Kota Factory," produced by TVF and now on Netflix, brings fresh depth while keeping the elements that fans love. The familiar focus on complex math problems and the intense pursuit of academic success continues, but this season adds new emotional twists and dramatic moments. Created by Raghav Subbu and produced by Arunabh Kumar, this season introduces more drama, enriching the story as it leads to the big finale—the crucial IIT-JEE Advanced Exam. Growing up has its challenges, and Season 3 smoothly integrates these without losing its realistic feel.

kota factory 3

The new episodes dive into the stress of keeping up with schoolwork, the pressure of upcoming exams, and the high expectations from parents and teachers. We get to see more of the main characters—Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Vartika, Shivangi, and Meenal—as they deal with their personal and academic struggles.

One of the boys faces money problems and starts tutoring for extra cash, while another's plans are disrupted by an accident. There's a powerful scene where one character rants about the JEE date sheet, only to find himself in the wrong exam center. These moments highlight the high stakes and emotional stress of the IIT-JEE prep world in Kota.

Director Pratish Mehta, with writers Puneet Batra and Pravin Yadav, broadens the story to include the teachers' perspectives. This season shows the impact of rigorous coaching on both students and teachers. We see Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) and chemistry teacher Pooja (Tillotama Shome) dealing with their own career and personal issues.

Jeetu Bhaiya starts off in a low point, shaken by a tragic event. When he returns, he clashes with Math teacher Gagan (Rajesh Kumar) over their teaching methods. This conflict highlights the tension between nurturing all students equally and focusing on top performers. Jeetu's struggle to balance being a mentor and a professional adds depth to his character. Pooja, with her empathetic and rational approach, becomes a crucial support for Jeetu. Her presence, along with sessions with a therapist, Dr. Sudha Vyas (Sohaila Kapur), helps Jeetu manage his challenges. Tillotama Shome's addition to the cast significantly enhances the series, bringing a voice of reason and empathy.

kota factory 3

Despite the focus on teachers, the story remains centered on the students. Vaibhav (Mayur More), Meena (Ranjan Raj), and Uday (Alam Khan) navigate their competitive environment, personal crises, and romantic entanglements with Vartika (Revathi Pillai), Shivangi (Ahsaas Channa), and Meenal (Urvi Singh). Their journey requires focus while dealing with distractions from their infatuations and insecurities. The performances are relatable and compelling. Jitendra Kumar's portrayal of Jeetu Bhaiya, dealing with more upheavals than before, is impressive. Mayur More stands out with a powerful monologue capturing his character's emotions. Ranjan Raj and Alam Khan's support enhances the overall impact, keeping the series' momentum strong.

"Kota Factory Season 3" continues to deliver insightful and entertaining content. It adds new dimensions to its characters and story, keeping the core elements that have made it a favorite. The drama, emotional depth, and educational themes ensure it remains a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

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