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Kudi Haryane Val Di movie review: A cross-cultural romantic comedy

"Kudi Haryane Val Di", written and directed by Rakesh Dhawan, emerges as a refreshing addition to Punjabi cinema, blending cultural exploration with the backdrop of wrestling to create an engaging drama. Starring Ammy Virk as Shivjot and Sonam Bajwa as Neelam, the film navigates the cultural differences between Haryana and Punjab while weaving a tale of love, rivalry, and societal norms.

Kudi Haryane Val Di

Release date 14 June 2024
Critic's Rating 3.4/5
Director Rakesh Dhawan
Cast Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, Ajay Hooda, Yograj Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Hardeep Gill 
Duration  150 minutes

Shivjot, portrayed by Ammy Virk, is the reluctant heir to a family of wrestlers in Haryana. Despite his lineage, he harbors no interest in wrestling and instead dreams of finding a soulmate who shares his passions. Fate intervenes when he meets Neelam (Sonam Bajwa), the spirited daughter of Mann Singh Dahiya (Yashpal Sharma), a respected figure in the wrestling community. Unlike Shivjot, Neelam is deeply immersed in the world of wrestling, driven by passion and determination.

The film's narrative unfolds as Shivjot, smitten by Neelam, finds himself inadvertently becoming a coach for Mann Singh's wrestling team, all in a bid to win her affection. However, their budding romance faces challenges when Mann Singh's rival, Sheeshpal, challenges Shivjot to prove his worth both as a wrestler and as a prospective life partner for Neelam.

Central to "Kudi Haryane Val Di" is its exploration of the rich cultural tapestry of Haryana and Punjab. While both states share a deep-rooted tradition in wrestling, the film emphasizes the humorous misunderstandings and differences in language, food, and cultural practices between the two regions. These cultural nuances not only add comedic charm to the storyline but also underscore the film's message of unity despite diversity.

Beyond its entertainment value, the film also tackles significant social issues. It sheds light on patriarchal attitudes prevalent in both Haryana and Punjab, advocating for women's rights through Neelam's empowered character. Neelam's father, played by Yashpal Sharma, stands out as a progressive figure who respects his daughter's choices in life, challenging traditional norms upheld by patriarchal institutions like the Khap panchayats.

While the main plot focuses on Shivjot and Neelam's evolving relationship and the dynamics within the wrestling community, the subplot involving Jung Singh (Yograj Singh) searching for his runaway daughter Laali adds depth to the narrative. This subplot, though slightly prolonged, contributes to the film's broader social commentary on parental control and women's autonomy.


Musically, "Kudi Haryane Val Di" delights with foot-tapping numbers like the title track "Ikk Hai Ikk Hai," celebrating the unity of the two states, and the energetic "Jaatni." These songs complement the film's upbeat tempo and add to its overall appeal.

In terms of performances, Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa shine in their respective roles, delivering nuanced portrayals that capture the essence of their characters' emotional journeys. Bajwa's depiction of a Haryanvi girl is particularly noteworthy for its authenticity and charm, supported by a strong ensemble cast that includes seasoned actors like Yashpal Sharma, Honey Mattu, and Yograj Singh.

Overall, "Kudi Haryane Val Di" emerges as a feel-good comedy that successfully blends romance, cultural exploration, and social commentary. While adhering to a formulaic plot structure, the film's lighthearted approach and surprising twists in the climax ensure an engaging cinematic experience. For audiences seeking entertainment coupled with a reflection on societal norms, this Ammy Virk-Sonam Bajwa starrer promises to be a worthwhile watch, celebrating both the unity and diversity of Indian culture.

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