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Yash on KGF 2: ‘There’s a lot of swag and madness, but eventually it’s an emotional journey'

On March 3, KGF 2 Team announced that its theatrical trailer would be released on March 27 followed by a 17-day campaign before the release on April 14. Yash insists that they had shot 5 percent of part two while shooting for KGF in 2018. “We shot the rest of the movie after the release of KGF.” The gangster drama proved to be a huge hit and changed the dynamic not only for the franchise but for Yash as a star.

KGF has earned him recognition across the country, which continues to grow with the frequency of the movie being played on television. While the KGF came in as an underdog, the sequel launched with a load of expectations. Did that change your view of KGF 2 in any way? Yash replies: "Yes, it is, but that has nothing to do with the script. The success of the first part forced us to think big. Our vision has gone a little higher in terms of scale, but the story continues. being the same". Before, we were a little further down the scale. But now, we did our best."

Yash on KGF 2

Yash promises a cinematic experience to the audience by directing this Prashanth Neel and hopes that the film will live up to the high expectations. "We hope to deliver a cinematic experience. There's a lot of silliness and craziness in KGF 2, but ultimately it's an emotional ride. I think the movie will be good for your eyes (images), ears (background score), and heart." (emotions) and mind (introduction). It is something that will amaze the audience. In all possible ways. They will forget about all the real-life problems and enter the world of KGF to enjoy them,” he smiles.

Gaining recognition on a national platform is something very few actors can boast of. Will this change Yash's script selection in any way? "We definitely have to keep these things in mind. The stories have to be global as we have to present them to a global audience. Every movie has its own set of challenges and it's our duty to face them. Everyone in the audience is important to me, and I know the expectations you may have of me after KGF 2," he replied, quickly adding, "It's not about the language anymore or the market, it's about the number of people we serve. I want to make stories that everyone of any age group can see comfortably.

Yash signs off by telling her that he hasn't made up his mind about his next movie after KGF 2. “I've always had a policy of taking one movie at a time. I don't want to get out of it. I will make an announcement in due course. Now KGF is near the corner, once this version is released we will make the announcement. I don't like to talk when things are half done. It's normal practice," he signs.

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