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Anupamaa,15th Feb 2022, Written Update: Anupama rents a house for Anuj

In today's episode, Vanraj wakes up to see Kavya drying her hair. Kavya tells him that he can look at her and kiss his forehead and wish him a happy Valentine's Day. It tells you the same thing. Baa presents Babuji with a rose and wishes him a Happy Valentine's Day. He thanks Babuji and gives him a carrot and asks him to make a dessert. Summer says he should have given cauliflower so they can prepare gobi. Kinjal tells Baa that he is very romantic. Vanraj and Kavya come there. Kavya says she wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with Vanraj in a special way. Kinjal says they should make it special.

Anupama Written Updates

Anupama thinks about preparing Anuj's favorite dishes and chefs while dancing to a song. Anuj wakes up and marvels at her. Anupama is embarrassed when she realizes that Anuj is looking at her. Referring to that song, he asks who is Babu and Shona. Ba calls Anupama and Anuj thinks someone should interrupt them. Ba asks Anupama why did Anuj not go to a hotel at night and asks why he ruined his children's life by setting a bad example. Anuj hears that and leaves. Anupama gets worried and sees she left her phone on the table. Anuj thinks Anupama was humiliated because of him and this is the worst gift anyone can give on Valentine's Day.

Anupama wonders if she should celebrate Valentine's Day with furniture, now that Anuj is no longer. Anuj comes home and Anupama scolds him for staying away without informing her. Anupama yells at him to go away and asks him not to enter the house. He apologizes and notes his name on the door of the house across the street. Anupama tells him that she has hired him, and although she is angry, she will not leave him. Anuj sings songs to her from his house and Anupama thinks he will soon confess his feelings to her.

This episode was seen on the channel's OTT platform.

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