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Valentine week list 2022: All you need to know

February brings excitement in the hearts of lovers and much anticipation everywhere. It's Valentine's month! During this month, from February 7, 2022, to February 14, 2022, the world will celebrate Valentine's Week, starting with Rose Day. Every day has a special meaning.

These eight days are just an opportunity to make every moment together unforgettable. So if you are eager to know the list of days before Valentine's Day, you have come to the right page.

Rose Day: The Valentine's Week list begins with Rose Day, which falls on February 7. On this day, roses are presented as a symbol of love. We can be aware of the fact that roses can be of different colors and therefore each color represents a different meaning. The red rose represents love and romance, while the yellow roses represent friendship. White roses represent a new beginning or marriage.

Rose Day

Propose Day: Propose Day is second on the February Valentine's Day list. It is the most romantic day of Valentine's week because lovers have the opportunity to confess their love in front of their partners. Even this day presents a golden opportunity for people as well. They can talk about their feelings with those they like. Prose Day falls on Feb 8, 2022.


Chocolate Day: Celebrated on February 9, Chocolate Day makes your bond special with that thing sweeter than beloved chocolate. Offer him or her a basket of delicious homemade chocolates filled with cream and truffles. Put other gifts in the basket. Who says no? The main goal of the day is to let you know how amazing you find it.


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Teddy Day: Dolls are the cutest and most popular plush toys that all girls love. Present a soft doll to your girl, which she will always remind you of. It is celebrated on February 10.

Teddy Day

Promise Day: Promise Day falls at number 5 on the Valentine's Week 2020 list. On this day, today's lovers promise each other that they will always be together through thick and thin. life. Make your day more special by sending an ILU with flowers or chocolates. Promise Day falls on 11th February 2022.

Promise Day

Hug Day: Celebrated on February 12, it provides a warm and sweet expression of love. A comforting hug speaks louder than words. A hug makes all your problems go away in those few minutes, so go ahead and give your loved one a sweet hug and let them know that you love them forever.

Hug Day

Kiss Day: Kiss Day is all about giving kisses to strengthen your bond. This romantic day is the sixth day of the Valentine's Week 2020 list.

Kiss Day

Valentine's Day: Celebrated on February 14, Valentine's Day culminates with Valentine's Week. Lovers take a day off to celebrate the day as they like and spend quality time with their loved ones. It is a day of joy and celebration of love, commitment, and the joyous excitement of finding the perfect match.

Valentines Day

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