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Best Actor - Actress Bollywood Hindi Movies List 2021-22 in India

021 was a mixed bag not only in terms of genres and stories but also in terms of platforms and media. While a large group of releases chose the digital track, those who ran the theatrical releases had the added responsibility of getting people into theaters even when a new version hit the scene. But in the midst of all this, the audience had many options for the best Bollywood movies Manoj Bajpai, during an interaction, confirmed that the age of stars ended as content and that OTT has taken control of the chicken coop. We have seen outstanding performances from many best actors in India who have been trying to find their balance for years, even as the superstars battle it out.

In hindsight, movies endorsed by big names largely failed to find their audiences, and the new class of actors starred. Listing the best and worst Bollywood Hindi movies of 2021 would make it a long list, given that there is no shortage of cross-media releases. There were interesting themes like Tribhanga, Nail Polish, Silence ... Can You Hear It, Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi, Mimi, Pagglait, Thalaivii, Rashmi Rocket, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui that impressed everyone. In fact, many of them had women at the helm, which is a sure change in the way we consume cinema. Then there was Sooryavanshi, a typical Rohit Shetty movie with three times the stardom you'd expect in a single movie. It left the critics baffled, but the public criticized it.

Before we turn to the last page of our calendars, we pick a few best and worst Bollywood Hindi movies of 2021 - 2022 in no order, and they are etched into our memory, either to provide healthy entertainment or to leave us stumped.

The Best actor -actress Bollywood Movies of 2021-2022

Sardar Udham

Sardar Udham
Vicky Kaushal had 13 stitches on her face and some incredibly overwhelming moments while he was filming the biopic of the revolutionary Sardar Udham Singh. Increasing her revenge on General O’Dwyer, Jallianwala Bagh's heartbreaking sequence, and intense climax make for a rare biographical drama. Vicki's transformation into a 20-year-old was phenomenal, as was Shujit Sircar's directing. He is one of the best actors in Indian Cinema.


Sherni best bollywood movies
My secret was a unique story about the primacy of nature and human greed. Directed by Newton fame Amit Masurkar, it stars Vidya Balan and has two tigresses, to say the least. Amidst the woods of him and the four-legged beasts, Vidya roared with the loudest voice. She was strong and effortless, as was her supporting cast. She is one of the best actresses in India.


shershah- best bollywood movies

In another biopic, Shershaah added a large feather to Sidharth Malhotra's hat to play the role of the war hero, Captain Vikram Batra. The film was appreciated for being true to the soldier's story and for keeping patriotism true. It was a game-changer for Sidharth and Kiara Advani, showing us Batra's subtle moments on the battlefield and his lesser-known and passionate love story of his with Dimple Cheema. The movie is one of the best Hindi movies of 2021 to watch.

83 Film

83 - best bollywood movies

Among the most recent releases this year, 83 were well received by critics and audiences alike. The sports drama traced India's first cricket World Cup victory in 1983 and how the team led by Kapil Dev achieved the impossible. From the reenactment of the time to the details and the way the original shots were used, Kabir Khan's direction was unique. Hi
s starting point was the incredible cast that gave a perfect performance on the court. Many called it not a movie but an "emotion" and we agree too. It is really the best Hindi Bollywood movie to watch with the best actors and actresses like Ranbeer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and many more.

Sandeep or Pinky Farrar

Sandeep or Pinky Farrar - best bollywood movies to watch

From the poignant opening scene to the genre-defying poignant ending, the dark comedy has been successful due to its multi-layered plot. What at first glance looks like Pinkie saving Sandeep from attackers is actually a subtle story of class division, corporate greed, misogyny, and privilege. Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra play heroes from opposite worlds who fight for survival and self-esteem. Dibakar Banerjee basic rate.

The worst Bollywood Hindi movies of 2021


Roohi - Best actor_actress in India

Despite the exciting trailers promising to live up to the expectations set by Stree, my soul failed miserably. A bad script and a bad execution spoiled what at first seemed like the best Hindi Bollywood movie. Jhanvi Kapoor strove to be a ghost, and Varun Sharma also laughed at his ghostly love story. But that's not enough to save my soul from a nap.

Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai

Radhe - Best actor_actress in India

The great thing was that fans would never want to see Radhe as Eidi again. Even by Salman Khan's movie format standards, it was disappointing. Totally embarrassing for Salman and his fans, it ended up as the actor's highest-rated movie on the IMDb comment aggregation site. This is Salman Khan’s movie which his fans never want to watch again. Disha Patani who is in the list of National Crush Of India is a co-star with Salman.

The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train
It's definitely a risk if you try to take on the role of Emily Blunt in recreating one painting after another. Parineeti Chopra tried very hard, it was obvious. But the half script left no effect. Tired and cliche, you can't even bother to find out the identity of the killer at the end of this murder mystery.

Bhuj: Pride of India

bhuj the pride of india
A war movie about an unknown story during the 1971 war that would have been an emotional experience. Boog was loud. With the camera training on Ajay Devgn, it was difficult to understand the role played by others, especially the village women who were supposed to be the stars of the episode.

Sardar Ka Grandson

Sardar Ka Grandson

Talk about moving mountains for your loved one, this guy had Arjun Kapoor move an entire house! The plot would have been so unique in Bollywood if you hadn't been the victim of a bad script and bad direction. Arjun Kapoor wanted to be his best grandson but failed due to a lack of emotional connection with his grandmother and the audience. Nina Gupta has an innate fascination with these prosthetics.

Let us know with comments about your best and worst Bollywood Hindi movies 2021-2022.

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