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Barrister Babu, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan - 5 most underrated shows on television

The shows that get the highest ratings don't always have high content and we don't need to say that. You know it. But well, some of these shows are an escape from reality and are so dramatic that most people end up watching them anyway. While many of you might argue that there is nothing worth watching on television, I disagree. We have and still have many TV shows that not only address social issues but also give you a different perspective on things.

There's Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, which is a must-see if you haven't seen it yet. It is a pleasure to watch the middle-aged love story of Shweta Tiwari and Varun Padula. There are no unnecessary dramas, kidnappings, or assassinations. It is often related. There's also Barrister Babu, a story about a man and his daughter-in-law fighting social evils and patriarchy. How can we forget RadhaKrishn! It is one of the most beautiful television shows of the moment.

Take a look at these 5 TV shows that need your attention and more.

Barrister Babu

Barriaster Babu

The promotions themselves were so attractive that you had to watch the show. What's amazing about this show are the questions Bondetta raises about patriarchal methods in society and the innocence of it. This is definitely something you should give a try.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

mere dad ki dulhan
MDKD is a unique love story and all the characters on the show are completely different from each other in a very special way. You instantly find a character you can identify with. The writing and execution make it worth watching.

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Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna

It features the beautiful setting, the actors, the costumes, the writing, and everything about RadhaKrishn. While the show initially scored high, it has dropped a bit overall and I strongly believe that this show should be at the top of TRP's charts

Behad 2

Behad 2

The show's ratings may not be great and this isn't a show that talks about the community or contributes to your character development as such, but it stands out for its type. The writing, the twisted plot, the acting is too good to miss.



This is another underrated show that needs more love from the audience. Bhakarwadi is a sweet story. Every character on the show is wonderfully strange. You will surely laugh at your heart while watching this.

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