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15 Health Benefits of Ice Apple, Its Origin, Recipe and Prices

Seasonal fruits are excellent for health, they help to eliminate toxins and maintain a normal body temperature. One of those fruits is “Nungu”, a frozen Palmyra palm or pineapple which is very useful, especially for combating the summer heat. With a texture similar to lychee and a soft coconut flavour, Ice Apple is generally found in South India, where it is considered an indispensable summer fruit. Besides being a natural coolant, the translucent fruit is known to be the perfect blend of minerals and sugars that the body needs.

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Frozen apple or Ice Apple is a natural coolant that offers incredible health benefits. It is a seasonal fruit that helps eliminate toxins from the body and helps maintain a normal body temperature. Its fruity texture is similar to lychee and in terms of flavour, it is similar to tender coconut. It is commonly found in the southern part of India and is considered the best summer fruit. The above fruit is a perfect combination of minerals and sugar, which are necessary for the body.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Ice Apple

Low calorie fruit

Frozen fruit is a powerhouse of phytonutrients, carbohydrates, and calcium. It contains a minimum amount of fiber, contains vitamins A, C, B7, K and iron, which are very useful for health. It also helps prevent dehydration, which can be a major health problem during the summer.

Natural remedy for digestive problems

Frozen apples work as the best natural remedy for various digestive problems, including constipation and heartburn. It also helps relieve nausea that often occurs during pregnancy.

Slow down aging

Snow apples contain powerful phytochemicals, they have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps slow down the aging process and also helps reduce the risk of various incurable diseases.

 Helps lose weight

Frozen apples are a seasonal and local fruit. It helps to lose weight. It contains water. When eating it, the individual feels full throughout the day, so he stops binge eating.

Preventing rashes

Ice apple  help prevent heat, rashes, and itching, which are very common during the summer. When you apply a frozen apple pulp to the affected area, it helps to eliminate itching during the summer.

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Chickenpox falls

All people with chickenpox should add this fruit to their diet. It helps relieve certain types of skin irritation caused by chickenpox.

Protects from sunstroke

When people include frozen apples in most of their daily diet, it contains a lot of water and keeps the body hydrated.

Fight fatigue

 During the summer, people tend to feel more tired and sweat a lot. The best way to combat fatigue is to eat Ice apple regularly.

Treats the problem of digestion

 If you want to end all your digestion problems, you should eat a lot of Nungo or Ice apples during the summer. The aforementioned fruit is often used as an ancient remedy to treat all digestive problems.

Relieves constipation

 Ice apples help relieve constipation. If you do not like eating this fatty fruit, you can make a smoothie to drink every morning on an empty stomach.

It helps to get rid of liver problems

This tops the list of health benefits, this fruit is very useful because it slowly helps to get rid of liver problems and flush out toxins with a large amount of potassium present in the fruit.

Pimples prickly heat

The fruits mentioned above help cool the body during the summer and help get rid of pimples caused by heat.

 Boil heat

During the summer, many tend to boil due to the high temperature, and when you consume more frozen apples, it will keep you away from pimples.

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How do you make frozen apple juice?

This is a simple recipe, mix frozen apples. Thick and add some thick milk. Add some sabja seeds in the water and also Buddam Pesin (Baddam Gum), when both are well soaked. Add them to your blended smoothie and don't forget to add sugar as well. Cool them in the fridge and serve.

Origin and Price of ice apple

This seasonal fruit is sourced from palm trees and is available during the summer from late April to July. It was known as the state tree of Tamil Nadu, and the species once spread throughout the state.

The supply to Chennai comes from Maruvathur, Kanchipuram and Polachi. A piece of “Nongu” costs about Rs 7. These days pathaneer is also available in bottles for about 20. The smallest nongus are small and ripe, and the gelatin portion must be eaten within an hour or else it will lose its flavor and color. “The roads are the best selling places for nago. There is always a crowd and people take a lot of medicine to keep them cool during the journey. Each fruit has one, two or three pieces of jelly. Depending on where it bulges out on the outside, we cut it accordingly,” Suresh says, young seller.

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