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Benefits of Ice Apple

10 amazing health benefits of ice apple!

Summers are back and so are ice apples! You will find this fruit after every 2 minutes with street vendors having them in abundance. But did you know the amazing health benefits of this fruit apart from being a yummy and very economical snack? Well here are a few benefits of ice apples we bit you did not know!

Helps with digestion

Pregnant women often end up consuming a lot of ice apples as they help a great deal indigestion while helping to get rid of problems like constipation and acidity. It is often used as an ancestral therapy to cure digestion problems.

Hydrate yourself.

Ice apples are an excellent source to hydrate yourself since they are full of water. So keep munching these to keep yourself free from dehydration this summer.

Cures Fatigue

Fatigue is on the rise in summers because we keep dripping with sweat. Thanks to this amazing fruit as it tends to keep you hydrated it even keeps fatigue at bay. So consume a lot of these little babies if you want to stay energetic this summer.

Say goodbye to liver problems.

Due to a high amount of potassium present in this fruit, it flushes away all the impurities and toxins present in your liver. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for people suffering from liver problems as gradually it will get rid of them all.

No more painful heat boils

During these summer months due to the scorching heat, most of us tend to suffer from horrible heat boils. Needless to say, one can not thank ice apples enough as it helps you get rid of these painful sores as well!

Keeps Breast Cancer at bay.

One of the foods highly recommended by doctors to people who suffer from breast cancer are ice apples. This gem settles on the existence of the phytochemicals anthocyanin which may impede the heightening of tumors and breast cancer cells.

Keeps you energetic

As ice apples are full of glucose they provide you with all the energy required for you to work if not more. This keeps laziness at par therefore always keeping you full of energy and vigor.

Shed off that extra fat

Ice apples are full of water and if you plan on shedding those few kilos it is advised you much on these a little more than usual. It will keep your stomach full without the excessive calories giving you the dream body you wanted.


One of the best benefits of ice apple is that it helps get rid of nausea just like lime! So next time if you run out of lime while being nauseated you now know what to eat.

A faster recovery from chickenpox

A common problem in children and sometimes even youngsters chicken pox can be cured at a faster rate if you add ice apples to the patient's diet.