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Assam: Officials close 3 villages for fear of infection, after 10,000 people attended the funeral of the preacher

The Assam state administration closed three villages on Saturday after thousands of people in the Nagoun region attended the funeral of a well-known preacher. The funeral meeting that took place on July 2 in Survivors was Khairul Islam, 87, which was the vice president of the All India Association of Indian Sciences and "Amer Sharia" in the northeast. According to the Indian Express report, family members wanted the funeral service to take place on July 3, but then decided to go ahead before July 2. The accident was revealed after the son of Islam Amin Islam, who is MLA from the United Democratic Front of India (AIUDF) from Dhing department in Nagaon, uploaded the meeting photos to the social media platform.

District administration officials estimate that at least 10,000 people will attend. Fear of the spread of the new coronavirus has prompted the authorities to close down three villages in Assam. Deputy Commissioner Nagaon Jadav Saikia said that two police cases, one by the police and the other by a judge present at the scene. Saikia added that a siege was imposed on three villages surrounding the field in an attempt to contain any spread of the virus. "There were no problems in law and order at the meeting. But the collectors violated the current laws of the COVID epidemic with regard to meeting, social exclusion, the use of masks, etc. The cases are not against any individual but against violators. We will investigate the case and proceed according to law."

Commenting on the high turnout at people at the meeting, MLA Islam told The Indian Express: "My father was a well-known figure with a large number of followers. We called the administration about the death and funeral. Thus, the police asked several vehicles to return, but nevertheless, people found ways To appear, at the height of one day, the number jumped from 9,777 cases to 11,001 in 24 hours.

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