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Most Premium Whiskey Available Worldwide

The last five hundred years have seen overwhelming attention for whiskey from innovative and creative brewers all over the world. Whiskey that originated in Scotland has now spread all over the map with many unique and distinctive variations and types.  Technology has come in help for the manufacturers to produce the Most Expensive Liquors in the World that are just fascinating in its taste.

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Right from the growing malt and the other grains, the harvests, and preparation that includes distillation, blending and aging are now controlled with high accuracy. Even the aspects of packaging and transportation of whiskey are getting much attention to make it more attractive, and to keep its authenticity. Whiskey remains the most worthwhile experience for individuals and families on occasions of birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, social get together, corporate meetings, and many others.

Types of whiskey:

It should be made clear that the term ‘Whisky’ is commonly referred to all the whiskeys that are made in Scotland. Japan also now uses the term ‘Whisky’ while US products are termed as ‘Whiskey.’ There is also distinct differentiation in processing techniques and even in taste for different types of whiskeys. There are high-quality 'whisky' and whiskeys available in the international market with many varieties. Here you can find some beautiful varieties of that best international whiskey available in the world.

Jack Daniel, the wonderful Tennessee Whiskey:

Jack Daniel remains at the top of the list among them. Jack Daniel got registered in the year 1866 and is the oldest distillery among the other distilleries. There are four varieties of Jack Daniel, and you can have a choice for a customized bottle also for this delectable whiskey. It is America’s most premium whiskeys and is the 4th among the best selling spirits among the Most Expensive Whiskey in the world

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey:

This signature whiskey produced with the same proportion of rye, barley, and corn for over 220 years remains the best selling bourbon in the world. It is available in more than 200 countries, and the US, Australia, and Germany top the list. Along with maintaining the same mash bill consistency, the distillery is known to have used the same yeast colony for the last 75 years. When a choice for a whiskey comes, you can opt for this classic whiskey which can quickly increase your craving for this brand.

Jameson Irish whiskey:

Jameson Whiskey remains the best selling Whiskey from Ireland, and 90% of the produce is exported. This quintessential brand of Irish whiskey is mainly responsible for the current boom of Irish whiskey in the international market. Jameson Whiskey is triple distilled like most of the famous Irish Whiskeys and unlike whiskey from America and Scotland which are distilled two times. The malt whiskey is blended with grain whiskey to magnify the flavor and the effect of the texture more.

Seagram’s 7 crown Whiskey:

This signature American whiskey is one of the best value brands that are available in the market. It is a blend of different grains that produce a sweet and smooth taste. It remains one of the fine whiskeys that have the best-known secrets of premium liquor.

Apart from some of the famous whiskeys discussed above, you will find here discussion for fantastic international whisky 2019. These whiskies are Scotch Whiskies that have been in wooden barrels for more than 10 or 20 or even more years. Over time, the liquid inside evaporates due to the aging process, and the loss makes the reaming product more precious.

Isabella Islay:

The UK has released this exclusive premium product based Luxury Beverage Company. It is targeted to the wealthy segment of the society, and particularly for those who love diamond. The immaculately designed white gold bottle comes with 8,500 diamonds along with 300 rubies, and also the fine single-malt whiskey inside.

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch whisky:

This legendary Scotch whisky was released in 1942, and only 12 bottles of the extraordinary whisky were made. This Scotch whisky is an excellent variety of whisky and is highly expensive as it is targeted to the premium segment.

Glenfiddich 1937:

It is one of the rarest Scotch whiskies and comes with a rich note of molasses, cedar, chocolate, oak, and burnt heather. The vintage whisky is drawn from the cask made in 1937 which gives its name like this. There are around 60 remaining bottles for this exclusive whisky, and a handful of people who have tasted the whisky can vouch for its quality.

The Macallan 1926:

One of the oldest and best vintage whiskies of all times remains the Macallan 1926. Only a small number of bottles can be found every year from the limited release of the rare variety. It is a very expensive whisky, and it is again targeted to the premium whisky lovers all over the world.

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