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Scientists Build Underwater Jumping Robot

Yes, in the latest technology updates 2018 offered us Underwater Jumping Robot, we saw the scientists make research that quenched our thirst, PARTIALLY though! We got to experience the underwater jump of the robot that a team of researchers has designed.

So, what was it all about?

Well, it was an experiment! It was held in the Georgia World Congress Centre in that of Atlanta in Georgia. Nevertheless, it was done by Sunghwan Jung who works as an assistant professor at Cornell University in the subject of biology and environmental engineering.

He was accompanied by Brian Chang, his student. All they wanted to do is prove how the aquatic animals make a jump from underneath the water. They wanted to show the world how the entire concept works.

It is one reason why they gave in to an extensive study.

So, what did they study?

The team of the researchers focused on smaller aquatic animals to make a study. They studied the copepods and also the frogs to understand more about the jump. The copepods usually live the aquatic regions only. They jump from underneath the water all the time.

The study also focussed on how the whales and dolphins make their jump. They brought animals who can jump from 1mm to somewhere around metric meters under their study. They wanted to find out that,  how their body weight is related to the jump they can make from under the water.

Their findings:

According to the Latest News 2018 offered us, we saw that these scientists have progressed on the jump like no one could ever before. They found out that when the animals make a jump out of the water, then an additional water mass jumps out with them.

This water mass is named the “entrained water mass”. It is one crucial reason why water animals cannot jump to the maximum heights out of the water. They have set limits of their jump. It is also true that the water is much dense to the air. Ten times to be precise. And it is also why the animals face the necessary challenges before them!

What did they use in the process?

They used a robot for the same. This robot looks like a door hinge! It is sleek and has a body that almost represents an inverted laptop. It is 3D printed and can jump! When the robot jumps out of the water, it carries the entrained water mass along with itself. Nevertheless, it helps people in studying the concept of entrained water mass and the way it works on aquatic animals.

The final word?

Well, the scientist has claimed that it is just their first steps in the world of studying aquatic animals and their features with the help of a robot! They have promised better and more realistic robots in the future for more precise and elaborate readings.