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Unhealthy food we thought were Healthy

9 foods the food industry wants to trick you into thinking are healthy but are actually not!

The whole world is going crazy towards their fitness and trying various diet routines and switching towards a healthier lifestyle. Our health is directly associated with the food we intake. When you go to the supermarket you often find foods that are labeled as organic,” “low-fat,” “no sugar added, “all natural” etc. All this tempts us into buying it thinking it is the healthier option when they are just marketing strategies by companies to fool the consumer. A number of foods we consume regularly are not even one percent as healthy as we might think they are. We combined a list of top 9 healthy foods that are that are considered healthy but are actually not at all healthy, if not worse than the regular foods we consume. Have a look

Fruit Juice

fruit juice

Feeling happy about drinking juices every day? Well, fruit juice is not a very healthy option for you but the fruit is, as it has all the essential nutrients, vitamins and fibers. The stuff you throw away after you take out juice from the juicer is actually all the essential nutrients. All this just when there is not even added sugar! The juices available in the market are filled with added sugar that is not at all good for your health. “Fruit juice is just as bad as soda” according to the Authority Nutrition.

Whole grain bread

whole grains

Bread is one of those foods we consume on a daily basis. It is easily available, inexpensive and full of carbs which fills you on the go. Apart from this bread can be used for a variety of foods like sandwiches and many other breakfast options. Whole grain just means they have used the whole grain of whatever grain mentioned example oats and barley. Your bread actually should only consist of 100% whole wheat, water, yeast, honey (optional), and salt, anything beyond this or those chemicals you can’t pronounce are just bad for you.

Gluten-free food

Gluten-free food

We often see people associating “gluten-free” with health. Well, that is not the case always. The reason why gluten-free food became a trend because they were gluten intolerant or suffering from Celiac disease. On the contrary, gluten is the protein present in bread and grains. It is why the elasticity of dough making it rise. In fact, you are better off eating gluten rather than some processed snickers or candy!

Peanut butter

peanut butter

Yes, one of the yummiest food we thought was healthy is actually not. Many brands of peanut butter have hydrogenated oil, palm oil or partially hydrogenated oil which all equals to the worst kind of fat to put in your body, that is trans-fat. Although the brands which lack these, they can be good for you. So, make sure you check the ingredients list when you go out to buy peanut butter for yourself. The shorter the list the better it is for you!

Granola bars or just granola

Granola bars or just granola

Always snacking on granola bars thinking of it as a healthy food? Well, think again. These are full of loads and loads of sugar just to make it taste better. The worst part about this? Packaged granola bars or granola is loaded with sweetness that is not even sugar. What are you ask? It is high fructose corn syrup which is super harmful to your liver. It also has an unnecessary amount of calories your body does not really require.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit

How many of us love munching on dried fruit? Did you know the sugar content they add in dried mangoes? It is even way more than they do in kit kat chocolate. Dried food will always be dense in calories and the water in the fruit which holds no calories has been dried up. So what you are eating is more importantly fructose.

Anything fat-free or low-fat

Anything fat-free or low-fat

According to a study that happened in the UK, these “fat-free” or “low-fat” foods contain 10% more calories and 40% more sugar compared to regular foods. Flavor comes from fat and once you remove the fat from foods there is no flavor. All these companies make up for this lost fat with added flavor which in turn wrecks your health.

Meal Replacement Bars

Image result for protein Bars

There is a good chance that your meal substitute bars are as nutritious as candy bars. Always make sure you read the ingredient list before you bite into these meal replacement bars. Read the nutritional information before you choose to substitute them with your meals thinking it is the healthier option.

Diet Soda

Image result for diet soda

Do you only drink coke zero thinking it is the healthier option? It is time you think again. According to research by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a can of soda every day can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men by 40% as compared to those who stay away from this stuff. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda are even worse as it tricks your body into thinking you are consuming real sweetener which in case hinders the insulin production of your body.

Skim milk or low-fat milk

Image result for Skim milk or low-fat milk

Milk is loaded with cholesterol and fat and we often drink skimmed or low-fat milk to get rid of this. But do you know apart from taking away all the fat is also taken away the essential nutrients present in the milk? Not only this also tampers with the texture and flavor of milk and to get rid of this flaw it is loaded with chemicals and synthetic vitamins, which in turn do more harm than good. One must always try to stay as natural as one can to have a healthier body!

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