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Benefits of Eating Healthy Food in Breakfast

“Right thing of life starts with a healthy breakfast

Yes, the above quotes are absolutely right and hold tons of significance at its core. While the importance of food for us is known to us, breakfast stands first amongst first. Having a bout of healthy and nutritious breakfast not only fills our day with energy but also bestows us with numerous health benefits in long run.

Studies across the globe suggest that healthy breakfast in the morning has all the power to enhance your mood as well alongside, improved concentration, healthy weight, and better immunities.

Why should you eat breakfast?

Well, the name suggests it.

Breakfast= Break+fast


Let me elucidate a little.

 The most obvious reason to have a breakfast is we sleep in the night for good 6-8 hours and ideally most of us take our last meal two hours prior going to bed. On calculation, we came to know that there is good 8-10 hours time gap between dinner and breakfast. Breakfast is actually the way to break your night fast. We often think that while we are sleeping our body is taking rest. Of course, it is but only on a physical level. During sleep also our body is constantly performing various tasks like cell repairing, electrical activities, and high activities of the brain.

Even our brain starts working more rapidly while we are sleeping. It gets rid of toxic byproducts that might cause problems if left untreated. Alongside, a brain is also busy in cementing fresh memories in our minds.

So much happens during the night and after that much of work our brain and body need to be fueled up in the morning by a healthy breakfast. Plus, the body glucose level that goes below the standard mark needs to be filled back in the morning.

A breakfast does it all.

What is a healthy breakfast?

Now the legit question here is “What is a healthy breakfast”?

Well, we have an answer to it.

Here is our list of healthy food that you can eat during breakfast.

  • A glass of milk.
  • Whole-wheat toast and sandwich.
  • Boiled eggs and omelet
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt smoothies and delights
  • Poha, upma, and idli
  • White germ
  • Grapefruit
  • Cereal
  • Fresh fruit juices

These are the good options to start your day in a healthy way.

Now let’s gauge ourselves a little over the benefits of eating healthy breakfast.

  • It is the easiest way to get essential vitamins and minerals –

Minerals and vitamins are essential for our body and there is no denying in this fact. They are crucial for healthy body weight and proper growth. They strike a balance between carbohydrate and protein metabolism helps to build enhanced immunity and gives strength to our bones. A healthy breakfast offers us an opportunity to fulfill our daily requirements of these highly important minerals and vitamins. Various studies reveal that people who have regular healthy breakfast are less prone to diseases like diabetes and heart attack. They also have low cholesterol level.

  • Better and string concentration power-

The impact of a healthy breakfast is more than a healthy body. It ensures healthy overall being.  A healthy, nutritious and balanced breakfast helps you to keep your sense alert and awake. It is also beneficial to have a better and enhanced concentration. When we eat healthy breakfast in the morning, our body starts getting the desired nutrition and it stars working at an enhanced pace. That is why it is often said that we always perform early morning tasks with more accuracy and promptness. Furthermore, a healthy breakfast improves concentration and attention. People who never skip their breakfast are likely to have better problem-solving skill, creativity, better decision –making ability and improved hand-eye coordination.

  • Right weight-

Eating doesn’t make you fat but skipping meal surely does. Propel are living in a myth that by skipping the meals and breakfast they will not gain the extra weight or help them to reduce weight. If you skip the breakfast, you will end up munching on snacks throughout the day. It further has a negative impact on our mood as well. A healthy breakfast boosts our metabolism and helps our body to burn extra calories. It also put a cap on your hunger, trim down the chances of untimely munching and maintains the ideal sugar level in your body. Plus, if you eat a fiber-rich breakfast, it will keep you fuller for a longer time. It will maintain the healthy BMI rate for you.

  • It will cement the good diet habits-

Having a healthy breakfast make you aware of health benefits of various foods and will make your health conscious. People who eat oats and cereals in the breakfast are likely to incorporate healthy eating habits in their rest of the meals as well. A healthy diet is a key to healthy well-being.

Final words

Seeing the copious health benefits of a healthy breakfast calling it an elixir of life is not erroneous. So, eat healthy, stay healthy and live healthy.

Have a happy breakfast!!!