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What do the different lines and colors on the road mean in India?

In India, most of the drivers do not follow rules and because of this accidents happen and lot of people lost their lives in road accidents. Do you know what these different lines on the road indicates? If you know what they indicate, you can be saved from accidents. On road, there are different lines like broken white line, continuous white line, Double yellow line and broken yellow line. Let us know the meaning of these lines -

Broken White Line

broken line of road

You must have seen broken white line on the road. A broken white line on the road indicates that you can change the lane, If you feel that it is safe then you can overtake vehicles or even make a U-turn.

Continuous White Line

continuous white line

If you see continuous white line on the road, it indicates that you should not change the lane and you cannot overtake or make a U-turn. You should remain on the same lane.

Double Yellow Line

double yellow line

This line indicates that you cannot change your line, you can overtake but inside your lane only. This line is usually used on 2 Lane roads and the gap between the two lines is strictly no man’s land.

Yellow Broken Line

broke yellow line

Broken yellow line indicates that you can overtake the line but you need to be little cautious, If you feel that it is safe then you can overtake vehicles or make a U-turn as well.