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Wild Wild Punjab review: A Hilarious story About Four Friends on a Chaotic Road Trip

Four friends, a breakup, a road trip, two girls, a gun chase, and a lot of alcohol—Wild Wild Punjabi offers a full package of entertainment with no dull moments. This comedy of errors thrives on chaotic situations, capturing the essence of Punjab with raw and wild humor, unlike the typical Imtiaz Ali films.

The film humorously stereotypes Punjabis by addressing characters with Khanna or Arora surnames as Khanne and Arore. Director Simarpreet Singh allows his characters to drive the story freely, ensuring that their antics bring continuous laughter without delving too deeply into the situations.

Release date 10 July 2024
Critic's Rating 3.5/5
Director Simarpreet Singh
Cast Varun Sharma, Sunny Singh, Manojt Singh
Duration  110 minutes

The Plot

As hinted in the trailer, the story revolves around Khanne (Varun Sharma), heartbroken and on the verge of suicide, who finds solace in his friends Arore (Sunny Singh), Jainu (Jassie Gill), and Honey Paaji (Manjot Singh). Together, they embark on a madcap road trip across Punjab to Pathankot to confront Khanne's ex-girlfriend Vaishali, who cheated on him and is now marrying their boss. The journey, filled with unexpected twists and turns, brings along Radha (Patralekhaa), Meera (Ishita Raj), a boisterous bullet-riding girl from Panjab University, a slap-happy police officer Avtar Singh (Rajesh Sharma), and a duo of drug dealers, adding layers of comedy and chaos.

Wild Wild Punjabi serves a platter of desi jokes, occasional cuss words, and a high dose of Punjabi fervor throughout the screenplay. From roadside dhabas and a jeep named Paro with a flashy nameplate to wedding decorations and guests dancing with pistols and rifles, the film is a true Punjabi experience. While it touches on drug issues, it steers clear of the serious tone of Udta Punjab, adding another layer of chaos to the narrative.

Writers Luv Ranjan, Sandeep Jain, and Harman Wadala skillfully weave tropes that evoke genuine laughter. The dialogues and one-liners enhance the humor, making the funny scenes even more enjoyable.

The bromance among the four protagonists is infectious. The makers cleverly cast actors from the Fukrey and Pyaar Ka Punchnama franchises, reminding viewers of moments from those comedies while exploring new dynamics.

wild wild punjab review

Performance Highlights

Varun Sharma, with his impeccable comic timing, stands out as the star performer. His dialogues, funny punches, and jokes land perfectly, complemented by self-deprecating humor about his body type. Even in emotional scenes, Sharma brings his A-game and wins over the audience. Sunny Singh impresses with his portrayal of a rowdy, macho guy, shedding his shy image from previous films and excelling in comedy and action. Jassie Gill, as a timid character with daddy issues, has his moments but remains somewhat restrained. Manjot Singh, the calm in the chaos, plays the sensible one, bringing rationality and calculation to the group.

As in typical Luv Ranjan films, Patralekhaa and Ishita Raj are used as props, entering the screenplay as needed. Though they add new directions to the plot, the men dominate, and the women take a backseat, a problematic aspect. Performance-wise, Patralekhaa's character lacks depth, portraying a typical Punjabi girl with no say in her arranged marriage. Ishita, as a cool and daring girl involved in shady hustles, adds glamor and confidence to her scenes.

Unforgettable Moments

True to its title and genre, Wild Wild Punjabi is filled with outright hilarious moments that defy logic but guarantee laughter. Whether it’s Khanne standing on top of a car, peeing on a toll counter, and setting it on fire to escape the cops, or the friends gatecrashing a wedding and waking up with a newlywed bride to continue their road trip, the film delivers bizarre yet funny scenes. In another instance, a character’s blood pressure drop leads to the group giving her drugs disguised as homeopathic medicine.

Unlike typical revenge-from-ex films, Wild Wild Punjabi steers clear of misogyny and sexism, offering harmless fun, entertaining banter, and emotions that bring a smile.

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