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Jenna Ortega's Top 10: Must-See Movies & TV Shows


"From Wednesday Addams to Future Scream Queens: The Enigmatic Journey of Jenna Ortega"Jenna Ortega, a favorite among Gen Z, has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry, transcending the eerie confines of her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix's hit series. Beyond the gothic charm, Ortega boasts a diverse repertoire of film and television roles, showcasing her versatility and talent.

With her infectious charisma and undeniable screen presence, Ortega has left an indelible mark in Hollywood. From her portrayal of a 1970s filmmaking scream queen to her embodiment of the gothiest day of the week, she has consistently delivered performances brimming with depth and authenticity.

As audiences eagerly anticipate her starring role in the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel, Ortega continues to captivate viewers with her compelling performances. Whether she's navigating the complexities of teenage life or delving into the supernatural, Ortega's dedication to her craft shines through, making her a rising star to watch in the industry's ever-evolving landscape.

1. WEDNESDAY ( 2022 )

In the Netflix series "Wednesday," Jenna Ortega brings a unique spin to the dark and quirky character, attracting a fresh wave of followers. Through her eerie dance routines and fashionable all-black attire, Ortega puts a modern twist on the iconic figure, appealing to a younger crowd. With her dry humor and quick wit, she seamlessly immerses herself in the role, giving it a fresh perspective. Experience Ortega's captivating portrayal on Netflix as she revitalizes this beloved horror classic with her mesmerizing performance.

Where to stream:Netflix

2. The Fallout (2021)

In "The Fallout," Jenna Ortega embodies the character of Vada Cavell, a teenager facing the aftermath of a devastating school shooting. As Vada tries to come to terms with her grief and find ways to cope, her journey affects not only herself but also those close to her. Ortega's performance is heartfelt and impactful, demonstrating her versatility beyond the horror genre. Viewers are deeply moved by her portrayal, emphasizing Ortega's talent in taking on a range of roles.

Where to stream: Max

3. X (2022)

In a secluded Texan community, a team of budding filmmakers encounters a terrifying ordeal during their adult film production. Joined by horror luminary Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega captivates audiences with her role as the introverted Lorraine Day. With a chilling scream and captivating depiction, Ortega establishes herself as a standout scream queen in this gripping horror movie.

Where to stream: Hulu

4. Scream VI (2023)

Ortega returns to reprise her role as Carpenter in the sixth installment of this beloved franchise, delivering another stellar performance that ignites excitement among fans. Transitioning from a small-town high school graduate to a college student in bustling New York City, her character encounters fresh challenges when a new Ghostface emerges. Ortega's portrayal of Carpenter elevates her to a prominent hero role, redefining the classic "final girl" archetype. With each installment, she solidifies her importance in the series, earning praise for her exceptional performance from audiences.

Where to stream: Peacock

5. Scream (2022)

Jenna Ortega returns to the screen in the latest Scream installment, set a quarter-century after the original. She takes on the role of Tara Carpenter, a horror enthusiast and senior in high school. Tara finds herself ensnared in the fresh wave of murders plaguing Woodsboro. Impressively resilient, Tara becomes the first character in the Scream series to survive the initial onslaught. Ortega's performance elevates the fear factor and excitement of this franchise reboot to new heights, showcasing her exceptional acting skills.

Where to stream: Hulu

6. YOU (2018)

In the sophomore season of this mind-bending thriller, viewers are introduced to Ellie Alves, portrayed by Jenna Ortega. Ellie, a determined teenager with aspirations of a career in moviemaking, grapples with a tumultuous home environment. Despite his typically manipulative tendencies, Joe Goldberg unexpectedly assumes a protective role akin to an older brother, largely due to Ortega's captivating portrayal. Following her departure after her sister's tragic demise, speculation arises regarding Ellie's potential return for the show's concluding season, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her next move.

Where to stream: Netflix

7. Jane the Virgin (2014)

Reflecting on Ortega's earlier performances, her depiction of a youthful Jane Villanueva in "Jane the Virgin" is particularly memorable. Ortega's portrayal offers viewers a peek into Jane's formative years and her special relationship with her grandmother, Alba. These flashback sequences enrich the narrative, providing deeper insight into Jane's personality and upbringing within the telenovela adaptation.

Where to stream: Netflix

8. Stuck in the Middle (2016)

Navigating life as a middle child poses its challenges, yet for Harley Diaz, it's an opportunity to showcase her inventive prowess. Sandwiched between six siblings, Harley distinguishes herself through her knack for crafting innovative creations. Whether it's devising a table equipped with a conveyor belt or engineering rocket-powered footwear, she emerges as a dynamic force fueled by her engineering talents. Ortega authentically embodies this role, effortlessly bringing Harley's resourcefulness and creativity to the forefront of the screen.

Where to stream: Disney+

9. The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

In the sequel to the 2017 horror-comedy "The Babysitter," Ortega steps into the shoes of Phoebe Atwell, an edgy newcomer at her high school. Despite enduring a difficult past, Phoebe shields herself with a tough exterior, relying on humor and heart-shaped sunglasses to conceal her inner turmoil. As events unfold, Phoebe gradually sheds her defenses, unveiling a resilient spirit willing to confront dangerous cultists and embrace newfound affection amidst the mayhem. Ortega's performance imbues Phoebe with complexity and bravery, adding layers of depth to the character's journey.

Where to stream: Netflix

10. Yes Day (2021)

Ortega portrays Katie Torres, the eldest sibling in a family yearning for a taste of freedom. When their parents grant them a day of unlimited "yeses," chaos ensues. In this wholesome film, Ortega's magnetic personality and adaptability come to the forefront. Despite any shortcomings in the movie, her acting prowess remains exceptional, earning her recognition with a nomination for Best Actress in a 2021 feature film.

Where to stream: Netflix