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Karan Mehra: Was assaulted physically by Rohit Sethia; Nisha Rawal & he threatened to shoot me & my family

Karan Mehra conducted a press conference on Thursday (August 4) evening and made some accusations against his estranged wife-actress Nisha Rawal. The actor, who is known as Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, has accused Nisha of staying with another man (Rohit Sethia) in his 4BHK apartment and 'enjoying' the facilities. Karan said that he chose to speak now because the case was in court. The actor also added that he was 'physically assaulted' and 'not allowed' to enter his own home.

Karan on not being allowed to enter his own house

"Nisha has been portraying an image of a single mother, doing all alone but she is living in my 4.5 BHK, she has my business and is taking my money and fighting the case. My documents, money, laptop, everything is in that house.. how will you prove your innocence? It's not easy. I'm not allowed to go to my own house. I was just given five pairs of clothes in one suitcase, and I roamed in it for nearly 5 months. Rohit Sathia called up a few people from some political parties to intimidate me. They started talking to my bankers. Who are they to talk to my bankers? House is mine, car is mine, who are they to interfere? I have all the proof. This is what is happening to me," said Karan.

The actor further shared, "In May, Nisha Rawal, Rohit Sethia, and Laxmi Rawat conspired against me and filed false cases. They made false accusations, threw me out of the house, and physically assaulted me. I was recovering from Covid-19 and I was sleeping when they barged in. Laxmi was recording the video to see if I reacted when he was hitting me but I never hit back. I wonder why that video never came out. It was a staged set. He physically assaulted me under the pretext of being Nisha’s brother, and on the very same night, they both threatened that they will shoot me and my family."

On receiving death threats

"I have been getting death threats from ‘no caller ID numbers’. I usually avoid answering such calls. But the other day the phone rang while I was resting and I answered without checking who was calling and received a death threat. My mother, father, and Kunal (elder brother) are also getting death threats which is very disturbing," stated Karan Mehra.

The 39-year-old said that he has been fighting the case for the past 14 months and won't compromise.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is struggling with abuse, please reach out to the authorities and report it. There are several helplines available for the same.