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T.V actress Nisha Rawal, who documented an objection of a supposed attack against her husband and "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" actor Karan Mehra, has at last broke her silence. In a meeting with BT, the actress blamed Karan Mehra for engaging in extramarital relations and continually manhandling her throughout their married life. She referenced that she hadn't spoken about the abusive behavior at home
that she had been confronting on the grounds that she respected her relation with Karan and was worried about his image.

BT cited Nisha as saying, "One of the accusations by me against him is of abusive behavior at home. I hadn't spoken about it for many years as I thought that for a artist his repo and image are of extreme significance. Disregarding being thoughtful and humane I needed to confront something like this. This is certainly about Karan having an extra marital affair, me attempting to deal with the marriage, him not in any event, assuming liability of the youngster and steady maltreatment throughout the long term, which I have never spoken about. I have proof to validate my case."

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On being inquired as to why she chose to turn out in people in general after so many years, Nisha said that she at last chose to not be one of those ladies who stress more over the image. She said, "I needed to talk reality and defend myself." While disclosing insights concerning learning Karan's issue, Nisha said she found out about the affair 'two or three months back' and that she went up against Karan about it in when she read the messages on his phone.

"I found out about him being associated with another lady two or three months back. I saw his text messages to the young lady, I saw them for myself. Even from that point forward, I put him down and asked him to talk regarding it. I have not acted like a lady who will tear a man into pieces. I inquired if he does not to continue our marriage then no issue," she uncovered.

 Adding to this, the Ex-Actress said she needed to save her marriage and subsequently flew down to his family in Noida. "My own mom came to know about it half a month prior. Subsequent to setting up for such a long time, around a month prior I revealed to him that assuming he keeps on acting like this, we should part and he concurred. I revealed to him that we should settle it agreeably and concur on a X sum. I made my resume, shared it and began requesting a job since a month. I will accomplish any work to help my kid," Nisha further expressed.

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Looking at requesting provision cash, Nisha said, "It's about my youngster and me. I became more acquainted with about his undertaking, rehashed mishandles... I overlooked it, since I needed to keep the marriage unblemished and I was likewise stressed over his picture of Naitik...goody-two-shoes."

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