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Top Ten Incredible Hindi Rap Songs That Are Worth Listening

Off late, Hindi hipsterism hop artists resort to their raps and rhymes to make people apprehensive of current social issues across the country. Hindi rap songs have now come an important medium to let people know how their introductory rights are being violated and inseminate in them the power and courage to raise their voices against what’s wrong. Then are 10 stylish rap songs on social issues that you must hear to and share.

Music has always been an important source of spreading dispatches and breeding feelings in listeners. Hindi hipster hop artists have clearly proved it so by rapping on colorful social issues to produce mindfulness and promote conduct against injustice. Take a look at our top 10 picks of stirring Hindi rap songs on current social issues.

1. Mantoiyat by Raftaar

Up until this rap song, Raftaar had both mainstream and underground workshop to his credit. This was the song where he rapped about each that he truly wanted to and brought underground into the frontier of the mainstream. He said it all in this one track – from the society being a complete failure and corruption caching behind every corner to wide injustice and the lack of people’s amenability to protest. This is one of the best rap songs.

2. Vaishnava Jana To by Brodha V

Arguably the rap song by Brodha V, this socio-political track with a bhajan as a chorus, addresses the inequalities that prevail in the country and the impulses of mainstream media while prompting people to step beyond ethical demarcation and unite as one. This is one of the best rap songs.

3. Kaisa Mera Desh by KR$NA

KR$NA paved the way for rap songs on social issues with this track 10 times agone ( when he was going by the name Prozpekt). This anti-corruption track went viral as KR$ NA talked about how poverty has been stimulated and ignored by the officers. This is one of the best rap songs.


Released at the time of the Asifa rape case, Emiway uses his art form to rap about how unsafe women are in this country as they step out of their homes and how similar inhuman conduct is frightening them to exercise their freedom. No rape Emiway Bantai Best Hindi Rap Songs That Superbly Promote mindfulness On Current Social Issues. This is one of the best rap songs.

5. Naari by Iqlipse Nova

This rap song about women’s rights and the importance they face every day in this country will shoot chills down your chine and make you stop and reflect on these issues. This is one of the best rap songs.

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6. Mandir Wahin Banega by Dheeru Khola

This is one of the best rap songs. Affront is a strong armament in the hands of influencers and Dheeru Khola has forcefully fired it to drop verity losers about the harsh reality of society – from the empty words of politicians to the illegal conditioning they indulge in. 

7. Kattarwaad by RapID

Grounded on the religious conflicts that were pelted by the government’s decision regarding CAA and NRC, this rap is a complete masterpiece that opened listeners ’ eyes to the ulterior motives of the officers.

8. Naarivaad by Starnick

This is one of the best rap songs. Starnick has come out in support of all those men who are wrongfully exploited by women playing the victim card in this sensational rap.

9. Fod Dena by Fotty Seven

While rapping about how serious a problem rape is in our society and how the shamefaced live freely, Fotty Seven urges his listeners to stand up for and help the victims of this outrageous crime. This is one of the best rap songs.

10. Ekla Cholo Re by EPR

While rappers turned to raise mindfulness about ethnical demarcation, women’s rights, corruption, etc., EPR exfoliates light on the conditions that Indian growers go through. This is one of the best rap songs.

The Hindi hipster hop scene has come to an effective outlet to gain mindfulness on social issues and motivate people to come together in their fight against injustice, thanks to these awful rappers. Comment down your list of best rap songs!

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