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These are the best designers for your Bridal lehenga for wedding

A bridal lehenga is probably going to be one of the most important individual purchases of your life, and not just because your photos will appear on all of your Instagram feeds. This bridal wedding lehenga is an integral part of the rite of passage when crossing the threshold of your life as a woman. It's that set that will eventually become a treasured family heirloom, and it's definitely the one to buy where the urge to splurge is well justified. Wondering which designer to choose for you in the hallway? We bring together some of the best designers in India for wedding bridal lehenga.

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla's wedding bridal lehenga: for the most desirable bride


Whether it's Sonam Kapoor for her mehndi, Priyanka Chopra for her Rokka, or Isha Ambani for her dandiya raas night; The nation has flocked to the illustrious designer duo for decades. Her distinctive use of drop, mirror work, and chikankari always gets the mainstream treatment, resulting in gorgeous looks for the bride. "Our ideal bride is a woman who knows her mind and her heart. Her wedding is a joyous celebration, inviting imagination and splendor, as you know it," says Khosla. Jani believes that this bride's appearance is a testament to her aesthetic sensibilities. personality, spirit and soul. The setting, mood and season of the event should define the ceremony Wedding bridal lehenga. Stay away from gimmicks and add classic elements to allow her outfit to stand the test of time. The embroidery, the ornaments and the colors must match the personality of the bride ”. Is she a red and gold zardozi woman? Or is the white chikankari your craving? These are questions one must answer. Jewelry and lehenga should be complementary, rather than chosen in isolation: the neckline, draping and shades should enhance the jewelry, "add the designers.

Anamika Khanna wedding bridal lehenga: for the fashionable bride


Anamika Khanna has created an art form combining traditional elements with contemporary style. Her use of local textiles with western silhouettes found her among brides who were not afraid to break the dress code. The end game of a typical Anamika Khanna bride is sophistication, not excessive adornment. Therefore, Khanna's creations are a nod to the bride's lifestyle as a global citizen, allowing her to honor her roots without compromising her worldview of hers. Layers are a mainstay of designer outfits, as is lackluster embroidery. The former coordinates with everything from lehengas and pleated skirts to flared pants and dhoti pants. Sonam Kapoor wore bespoke designer creations for the bidai (a blush pink lehenga) and the reception (a monochrome lehenga headset with chevron stripes) while Mira Rajput Kapoor opted for an embroidered lehenga for her pheras.

Anita Dongre's wedding bridal lehenga dress: for the classic bride

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Often steeped in Rajasthan's rich artisan heritage for inspiration, Anita Dongre has found an army of clients who sympathize with her distinctive use of drop patti and vibrant colors. This bride is universal in spirit but traditional in heart. She is tied to her roots but also values comfort. Therefore, the designer often plays with separate wedding dresses, bridal lehenga with pockets, and blouses with ruffled jackets. "Anita Dongre's bride is well-mannered, has traveled extensively, and is fiercely independent. It is more important for her to create her own individual style statement rather than follow the pack." Dongre advises brides to prioritize comfort when choosing her bridal outfit. Trends should not dictate this choice. She chooses lightweight lehengas that facilitate movement rather than getting bogged down with bulky clumps.

Gaurav Gupta bridal lehenga: For the avant-garde bride


It's safe to say that Gaurav Gupta has paved the way for forward-thinking Indian brides to give their wedding wardrobe an unapologetic contemporary update. From cocktail sarees to ruffled lehengas with structured tops and ruffled hem dresses, Gupta specializes in infusing edging into wedding dresses. Gupta's muse uses her personality rather than following seasonal trends. The alter ego is inquisitive, exploratory, self-aware, philosophical, and progressive. "It's about striking a balance. When I design for brides, I like to take their individuality and turn that into a dress. I miss a lot of the traditional, especially when it comes to bridal wear," says the designer. Gupta does not endorse trends. It's about styles. In which the bride feels comfortable and that accentuates her body type. The designer does this by working with his signature fabrics such as chiffons, crepes, Dupion, fishnet and organza, treating them like marble to carve them into shapes that enhance the bride's body.According to Gupta, the mentality of new age weddings is based on subtle tones. Such as ecru, cobblestone gray, English green, carmine red, sand pink and rose pink, instead of the usual colors above.

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Manish Malhotra wedding bridal lehenga: for the glamazon


As Bollywood's choice for its blatantly glamorous trends, Malhotra's fame as a destination for future brides in the spotlight precedes it. Fittingly, two-cut faux leather blouses with voluminous skirts, fitted dupattas, see-through panels, and dramatic runways are some of the staples of his collections. It is no wonder that Manish Malhotra's ideal bride is "distinguished, confident and modern while taking pride in her heritage. She uses fashion as an expression of her personality. While tradition marries modernity, neither is afraid of experimentation. " From Shruti Thacker's wedding repertoire for Vogue India digital editor to Purna Patel, Malhotra is often the first choice for brides seeking contemporary comfort. The designer emphasizes the importance of the weather when choosing a wedding outfit. "The place and time of the audience's play will determine the fabrics and the design. For example, soft pastel colors are in tune with the beach setting because they are simple and contemporary at the same time," he explains. Malhotra also encourages brides to get away from the monotony of crimson red and dark brown. The color palette of a millennial bride should not ignore shades such as pale blue, mauve, rose gold, millennial pink, aquamarine, ivory, mint, and pale coral.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee's wedding bridal lehenga: for the traditional aesthetic


It is not an exaggeration to say that Sabyasachi weddings and Indian weddings are largely synonymous with each other today. The designer's unconditional and reinvention of tradition for the millennial bride has made her a unanimous favorite among royal brides and celebrities alike. While many feel her pants are incomplete without the designer's signature, others turn to them for her entire bridal wardrobe. Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, for example, exclusively wore Sabyasachi at her wedding. Mukherjee feels that Sabyasachi's ideal bride is "confident, self-confident, sensitive to arts and crafts, and loves to dress beautifully but not just to look good." She has an inherent appreciation and understanding of craftsmanship, which is why each season the designer weaves into her endangered textile collections, heritage crafts and techniques that are slowly becoming obsolete. Mukherjee believes that the bride and groom 2018 are seasoned and culture seekers. They look for a unique opportunity to express themselves during their wedding while honoring their past. Therefore, the group of brides must, according to him, be in the context of the environment in which one gets married.

Tarun Tahiliani bridal Lehenga: For the bride who likes to dance


One of the most respected designers in the industry; Tarun Tahiliani's creations are as sacred as his legacy. His design goal is simple: to embody traditional crafts and techniques, but also to give the outfits an ethereal lightness so that the bride does not get bogged down by the weight of her dress. His typical girlfriend is a substance and style conscious woman with a modern conscience. "She is not looking for a pretentious majestic look. Instead, she wants to combine glamor with her personality. This bride is the new voice of tradition and she values high quality, as she is used to it," says the designer. Tahiliani is against bridal wear, which is an oppressive shield for indiscretion. While aesthetics are subjective, comfort and luxury shouldn't be. "Most brides are worried about other people who seem heavier than they are. You have to be able to move, have fun, and dance in your bridal attire." Tahiliani also wants brides to look for wedding outfits that they can wear in the future, so this giant investment doesn't turn into a rusty chest. "I've always been in favor of lehenga coordinates, peplum blouses, and plain iron chiffon saris."

Falguni and Shane Peacock: For the adventurous bride


The husband and wife duo have found a constant follower of the millennial style with their daring style in Indian clothing. Their distinctive use of feathers, sequins and prints gives each Linga a powerful dose of sparkle with a rock 'n' roll twist. Although their outfits are modern and eye-catching, not without a subtle traditional undertone, they promise brides the best of old and new. The Peacock Bride has traveled extensively, is knowledgeable, and leads the crowd rather than following her. She has a clear vision of her wedding series that is not dictated by the opinions of those around her.

Ritu Kumar: For the purveyor of heritage

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As a winner of the Padma Shri Award (2013) for her exceptional service in the field of Fashion, Textiles, and Crafts; Ritu Kumar's understanding of ancient Indian design and innovative use of traditional crafts is unmatched. But paying homage to the timeless designer, she prefers to embrace a modern vocabulary to create her own form of classicism. Her inspiration ranges from Mughal and Persian to Bedouin but always with a thread of Indians to unite her.

Kumar's wedding dress collections are noted for their unabashed advocacy of rich traditional aesthetics; It's bright colors, intricate embroidery or luxurious fabrics. After all, she designs for a bride who not only values fine craftsmanship, but also has a deep understanding of it. She appreciates the superior design as she is closer to her art form. It's no wonder, then, that the wedding lehengas in Kumar deserve to be passed down as family treasures for future generations.

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