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Cardi B CONFESSES she wanted to 'bite' Halle Berry's shoulder after meeting her; Here's why

Cardi B had something strange to say about her first meeting with Halle Berry. The singer who produced the music for the upcoming actress and director Bruised took to Twitter to serve tea at her reunion. Cardi B is really starting to storm the microblogging site with her hilarious interactions with other celebrities. After flocking to Robert Pattinson, Cardi B recently broke out in Halle Berry.

On Twitter, Cardi B retweeted a post that showed the two amazing divas in interaction while chatting about some hot topics. After Halle Berry originally shared the video of her interaction with the rapper and wrote, "I'm still crying about this" while tagging Cardi B, the WAP singer immediately re-shared it with a sweet thank you tweet for Berry...

In her tweet, Cardi B mentioned her enthusiasm for meeting the actress and wrote, "Guys, I can't believe I met Halle Berry ... and let me tell you about this tea, the skin is so smooth ... bite hers "her shoulder. PROJECT BRUISED LEAVES NOVEMBER 19.

Fans couldn't stop praising Cardi B on her Perry fan in the best way. Previously, the rapper showed similar enthusiasm when sharing a post starring Robert Pattinson when she wrote, "Look who I met that day! I felt like a teenager!" Not to mention the incredible online friendship she recently formed with You star Penn Badgley after the duo started interacting on Twitter and soon Netflix promoted the rapper to be a part of the upcoming season.

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