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Paithani Sarees: Five types of Paithani sarees that you must buy in 2021

The Paithani sarees are famous for their uniqueness. The Paithani style of saree is handwoven silk with a rich, ornamental zari pallu and border. What really sets apart Paithani sarees is their unique weaving technique. The entire process - from dying of the yarn to weaving - is done by hand. The main body of the saree is weaved by hand in looms. Whereas the weaving process of the pallu and border is similar to the tapestry weaving technique. Paithani Sarees that come in silk are so beautiful that a woman cannot stop herself from wearing them. Paithani Silk Sarees are carried by many Bollywood actresses as well.

new saree design 2021

The saree that is weaved is extremely soft and delicate. The designs and motifs that adorn the saree are also unusual. The motifs are created by interlocking and tying the colored threads to the warp of the loom. In fact, the reverse side of the saree looks as gorgeous as the front side. The unique weaving of the saree makes it look as if the designs have been inlaid into the fabric of the saree! Paithani sarees are differentiated on the basis of the colors, weaving techniques, and motif. 

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Here are the five types of  Paithani sarees that deserve a place in your wardrobe:

1- Bangadi Mor or Paithani sarees

In Marathi, “bangadi” means bangle and “mor” means peacock. So “bangadi mor” means a peacock in a bangle or a peacock woven in the shape of a bangle. The motif is usually woven onto the pallu. This is one of the most commonly found designs of the Paithani sarees! It comes in navy blue color usually. Paithani sarees are one of the most famous type of Maharashtrian saree

 Shradhha Kapoor in navy blue paithani sarees

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2- Ekdhoti weave Paithani sarees

For the ekdhoti weave Paithani sarees, a single shuttle is used for weaving of weft. The color of the warp yarn is different from that of the weft yarn. These sarees have a narali border and simple butti designs such as coins or peas! 

Ekdhoti weave Paithani saree

3- Paithani sarees in traditional colours

Paithani sarees look gorgeous in every color but the three colors that are most common are kali ChandraKala (jet black saree with a red border), Raghu (parrot green colur), and Shirodak (pure white).

Paithani sarees in traditional colours

4- Brocade Paithani

Some Paithani sarees line the border of the sarees with brocade. The more intricate the work of brocade, the more expensive the saree will be! 

Brocade Paithani Sarees in green colur

5- Munia Brocade Paithani Sarees

“Munia” means parrot in Marathi. In this kind of saree, parrots are woven on the pallu as well as on the border. These parrots are always in leaf green colur and sometimes also known as “tota-maina”!

Munia Brocade Paithani Sarees

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