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Director Sanjay Singh Will Start Work on Sushant Singh Rajput Film Chanda Mama Door Ke

Check out the update about Shushant Singh Movie a tribute to him by Sanjay Puran Chanda Mama Door Ke.

As we know Shushant Singh is not between us but even now everyone can feel his presence in the world. He is loved by everyone and misses by the entire world. His sudden death was a shocker for his fans and the world. This news spreads melancholy not only in his family but in every house. People who loved him tribute him in many ways he was an inspiration to the world the way he uses to live his lifestyle. 

Sanjay Puran the creator of movies decides to again start work on the Shushant Singh Movie and will be named ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke ’, it will be a special tribute to Shushant Singh Rajput from his side. Previously, Shushant was going to play the lead role in the movie but because of the high budget of the movie, it got terminated for some time. He was going to play the role of an Astronaut in the movie. 


Shushant Singh Rajpoot Training in NASA for movie Chanda Mama Durr Ke 

As we all know Shushant Singh was highly interested in these contexts. He was the topper in Physics and had a great interest in Science. This movie was too close to him a script was emotionally attached to him, he was excited to play role in this movie even he took training from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Here’s a glimpse of Shushant Singh during his training at NASA

Who will play Shushant Singh Rajpoot Role in the Movie?


As per Sanjay Puran's interview with Mid-Day says that this movie is not dependent on anyone right now he is in search of someone who can do justice to this role. He is not going to change this script as Shushant was emotionally attached to the script and currently he is not going to start work on this as it's not one year since Shushant Singh's death. The announcement of this movie took place in 2017. Sanjay Puran also tells in his interview that many people suggest him to release it as a web series but he denies it. He says this movie deserves to release in theatre and will be released in the theatre only.


We know it will hard for everyone to accept someone else other than Shushant for this role but we all wish and hope Sanjay Puran will find the best actor for the movie who can do justice to this role and the movie will get huge success will remain a blockbuster after release.

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