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Whatsapp New Multiple Devices Feature, Whatsapp DP And More to be Introducing Soon in 2021

Here’s the update about all the new features and updates of WhatsApp to be introduced on ‘New Year 2021’. These can be a few of the biggest changes WhatsApp users are waiting for and surely it will change your entire experience of Whatsapp Voice Calling, Video Calling, Whatsapp dp, and much more.


So let us tell you about all the upcoming features in Whatsapp and how they going to change your WhatsApp dp and Chatting experience.


Whatsapp New Multiple Devices Feature – According to WABETAINFO Currently Whatsapp is working on a new multiple device feature soon there will be something good on the same. From this feature, you can log in to your WhatsApp account on more than one device. As currently, you can use your WhatsApp account on a single device, you have to logout from a previous device only then you can login into another device. 



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Copy/ Paste Images and Videos
 - Users can copy-paste images to Whatsapp this feature will first roll out for apple users and then available for android users also. By using this feature you can copy images and Videos from Gallery and can directly paste them on Whatsapp and can easily send them to other users. Currently, you use the share options of Whatsapp to send images or videos to someone, but now you can directly copy and paste your images from the gallery and send them.

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Voice Calling and Video Calling On WhatsappWeb – In this feature, you can do voice calling and video calling through your PC or Laptop on WhatsappWeb currently this feature is only available for beta users but in a few time it will be rolling out for all Whatsapp users.


Join Missed Call – As the name indicates itself the feature, with the help of this feature you can join missed calls. Currently, if you get any of the group video call or voice call you wouldn’t be able to join, but now with the help of this feature, you will be able to join your missed calls.



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There will be two options after you missed your Video call or Voice call ‘Ignore’ and ‘Join’. 
Other than these features soon WhatsApp is going to give some more features like improved Stickers, Whatsapp dp updates, new Whatsapp Wallpapers. According to sources there will be soon announced new WhatsApp privacy policies through a notification on your WhatsApp.

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So do Comments and let us know which will be your’s favorite feature among these. And suggest what more you’re expecting WhatsApp to change.

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