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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Ridhima Kidnaps Kairav 21-DEC Full Episode Before TV

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Episode- The episode starts from Ridhima’s flat. Naira shows the canceled license of Ridhima to Karthik and gets worried. Suddenly becomes anxious they both run to see whether Kairav is playing in the ground or not. Kairav disappears for a while then Naira gets a look at him. After a while suddenly Kairav gets missing. Naira

Asks Shudha Mausi where is Kairav, Shudha Mausi says nothing to worry he is playing may be hiding behind the car. When Karthik and Naira went there Kairav is nowhere, they both get worried. Whereas Ridhima in the car looking at Kairav thinks that god has snatched her son from her is back and she will never let him go away from her. Karthik and Naira take the help of the police and also contacted the person who canceled Ridhima's doctor license and comes to know the truth that ‘Ridhima gets personal in her cases after her child Arjun’s death, he thinks that every child is her Arjun’. They both get too worried and went after Ridhima and Kairav, they both tried to contact Ridhima but she didn’t pick it.

Later, Kairav doubts Ridhima's intentions as she takes another way than Airport, on which Ridhima claims that she is taking him from the shortcut.

On the other hand, Dadi’s (Suhasini) health gets deteriorates everyone is worried about the family. Karthik blames himself for being Kairav missing, as he appoints Ridhima for him, on which Naira consoles him and says we both are at mistake but no one can snatch our son from us we are together. Manish tried to contact Karthik and Naira but they didn’t pick up the call.

Where else Kairav recalls how Karthik and Naira earlier told him to handle a situation when you are in trouble and get kidnap. He acts that he wants water and Ridhima went out to the car to bring water for Kairav at moment Kairav tries to contact Naira and Karthik from Ridhima’s mobile, both were getting busy. Then Kairav went to the tea stall and ask the tea stall owner that he wants his mobile to contact her mom. Later when the number gets busy Kairav asks the tea stall owner please message to his parents about him. Ridhima reaches there and takes Kairav. Kairav starts throwing his own on the road so that Naira and Karthik can easily reach him. Later, Karthik and Naira saw Golden car on the road but Ridhima and Kairav were not there. Naira Yells for Kairav and Kairav screams back and the episode ends.

In the next episode, we will see that Kairav will be in danger will Naira and Karthik will able to save his life or they have to face something so evil? Will Dadi’s health get better or worse.

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Picture Credit: TV Duniya