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Ganesh Acharya Transformation- Sets A Mild Stone of Losing Weight of 98 KG

The well known and very successful choreographer Ganesh Acharya loosen his weight to 98kg and everyone is praising and wants to know how he makes this difficult task possible. So, here's all you want to know. In 'The Kapil Sharma Show', The choreographer revealed that he lose weight 98kg. He was earlier 200kg he shows full commitment and dedication in a workout he added first 15 days was too difficult for him. He wouldn't be able to float easily but after 2 months he was able to execute 11 exercises. He always uses to update his workout details on social media.

Ganesh Acharya trainer Ajay Naidu trains him in achieving his goal and today Ganesh Acharya becomes an inspiration for others. One more name is added to the list of the weight loss journey and it is mind-blowing to reduce this much weight and become an inspiration for others as if he can do it others can also go for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ganesh Acharya Workout Videos-

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Ganesh Acharya confessed that when he was dancing in the 'Houseful 3 ' song he felt knee pain and felt 'this is too much'.

Ganesh Acharya is an Award winner Indian Choreographer, dancer, film actor. He first becomes a film actor in the dance movie 'ABCD'. He choreographed many actresses and actresses.

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