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Apple to roll-out anti tracking feature next year to tighten app privacy.

Apple is increasing the privacy of app users, forcing developers to be more transparent about data collection and a warning that they could be removed if they fail to comply with a new anti-tracking measure.

The US tech giant has said it is ready to roll out anti-tracking functions next year and has warned that it may pull apps from the widely used app store if it does not adhere to its requirements.

"Their goal is to enable our users to decide when or whether they want to allow an application to track them in a way that can be shared with other companies' apps or websites," said senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi.

Called app tracking transparency; it will require apps to clearly request users' permission before tracking it. It was scheduled to launch this year, but has been postponed to allow developers more time to make changes.

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Apple itself is the subject of complaints from European privacy activists who say the company uses software that tracks the behaviour of iPhone users. Vienna-based group NOYB, which was founded by lawyer and activist Max Schirms, last month asked data protection authorities in Germany and Spain to examine the legality of unique codes they say amount to tracking without users' knowledge or consent, a practice prohibited under strict European standards. Federation Privacy Rules.

In a separate policy update, apps on the App Store will soon begin giving users more details about the personal data they use, the UK competition watchdog said. 

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