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Amazon Echo 4th generation review

The Amazon Echo has undergone some changes over time. After the tall cylinder original came the fabric cylinder the second-generation cloth drum, then the better-looking fabric drum of the third generation, and now the fourth generation ... it's a ball. Yes, the Amazon Echo 2020 re-work takes shape somewhat surprising, especially since the drum seemed to be part of the Echo's raison d’etre

Smart speakers may have brought us one step closer to ambient computing, but it seems that adding new features to the latest releases has become a struggle for manufacturers. The coolest product in the business is the fourth generation Amazon Echo, which has a spherical design, although Amazon also promises improvements in voice quality and speech recognition.

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  • Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 133 mm / Weight: 970 grams

  • Finished finishes: charcoal, light blue, ice white

  • Buttons: Action, Microphone On / Off, Volume Up / Down

  •  Input: 3.5 mm line in / out

In the fourth generation Eco, the optical ring is now at the bottom. And we have a little problem with this: if you're near Echo and it's on the tabletop (our lives are on a normal kitchen tabletop usually) and you're not a short person, you really can't see the ring of light activate when it's not through the reflection of the ring of light on the surface. Basically, it is difficult to see from the corner of your eye.

To my ear, Google Nest Audio often sounds better, especially on audio tracks. However, the Echo can achieve better bass response on some songs. However, the reverberation is louder, which may interest some users. Ultimately, the difference is not easy to spot. I found it difficult to distinguish between the Nest Audio and the Echo (4th generation) when I was in a different room and the two headphones started playing music due to an imbalance in the sound (misidentification of the trigger word).

In short, if you are shopping for a new smart speaker today, the Echo (4th generation) is definitely worth considering. But unlike in the old days, it was no longer the only option. The Google Nest Audio (at Rs 7,999) and the fourth-generation Echo (at Rs 8,999) are equally well-matched in terms of sound quality, while the Home Pod Mini (at Rs.9, 999) is equally outperforming them. On the other hand, Google and Amazon are both ahead when it comes to supporting smart home products in India.

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