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Here is how Mira Rajput reacted when asked a question

The marriage of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput was such a classy example of arranged marriage, where two soo made for each other tie the knot of marriage for a lifetime and became one. Now, Shahid and Mira are proud parents of- daughter, Misha, and son, Zain. 

Mira Rajput recently conducted an “Ask me anything” session on her Instagram and her reply to the questions is clever plus hilarious. 

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Most of the people asked her about her skincare regime. To which she has promised to soon sharing a video clip for her fans. Since a lot, Good News is floating around which made a media person asked a question,

 “Whether she and Shahid are planning for a third kid?”

To which Mira replied- “Hum do Humare do”

Another user asked, to describe her husband (Shahid) in one word to which she replied: “Wake-Up”

One user asked her to tell who her favorite actor is?

Mira replied: Am I expected to say Shahid Kapoor?

Here are some of the other answers which prove Mira Rajput to be a witty and smart woman.

When she was asked about her kids and who is more mischievous here is her answer:

One fan asked her, About her hairfall after her pregnancy to which she replied that:

Not to stress out.

Some after the pregnancy the Hormones will settle down and things will be back to normal. While stressing will make more hairfall.

Mira also guided a fan by answering on the relationship question and how to make a balance

If you are a fan of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, then u should know that even Mira Rajput likes it.

One user asked her, "What motherhood teach you?" to which she replied, "Patience. Gratitude towards my mom. (also because Nani house is the best daycare). The blessing is the noise-canceling headphones. That the heart can love more than you ever imagined." However, she also added what she needs to learn saying, "How to keep a straight face while scolding my son." Awwww!