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Tempt your preteen to eat healthy

If you think adolescents are difficult, the smooth transition from child to teenager, teenager, will surprise you. Not all of them are adults, but they think so. While assuring his independence is extremely important to him, an important area in the power struggle is food.

Saying "No" to everything you put in front of him becomes a daily advantage. However, with frequent increases in growth, your child needs a balanced diet for healthy physical and mental development. And lunch time should not always be a fight. Read on to find out how-

What constitutes a balanced diet for my age?

In these growing years, bone growth develops, menstruation may begin, and the body undergoes many changes. Your old children need these essential nutrients for a balanced diet:

  • Calcium: to help develop the skeleton
  • Iron: to compensate for blood loss during menstruation and to build muscle mass
  • Protein: to help develop tissues and muscles.
  • Vitamin D: for bone development
  • Good fats: for brain development, nerves and metabolism
How can I tempt my life to eat healthy?

Here are some tips to help you lure healthy eating and making it a lifelong habit:

  • Do not ban sweets and desserts completely: If you have a policy of not eating sweets at home, you can ensure that your child will still allow this without your knowledge. Access is not a problem, as cafeterias and bakeries offer affordable meals. Be sure to legalize it, explaining why it is taken in small amounts.
  • Make your food healthy: Keep a bowl of nuts on the dining table when your child is at home. When they open the fridge, let them see a bowl of fruit salad instead of ice cream. Keep granola bars and cookies in the cookie jar. This sounds very easy, but once you've done the routine, your child will automatically start choosing these foods.
  • Cooking together: It is never too early to help your child in the kitchen. Why not enjoy an enjoyable cooking session and tell her what healthy eating requires? Make some vegetable noodles with lots of carrots and peas instead of the instant type. Or make fruit peels together. When the child is involved in the preparation, he will surely want to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Ask him to help you make fun charts of the week's diet ideas.
  • Consider your child's preferences: often, the child refuses to eat certain foods. It could be taste, texture, or some other reason. Respect their preferences and try to find a nutritional alternative. If your child does not like curd, try an extra serving of paneer or an additional cup of milk
  • Eating together without tools: Make dinner a moment of conversation and laughter. Eating with lots of healthy options will make your child choose healthy foods. This is also great for your emotional health.
  • Take responsibility: tell your child that when he sits down to eat, he will choose what he wants and how much. This tells her that you respect her independence and hold her accountable. While she initially discovers that she eats more than one type of food, this can change soon enough
  • While a healthy diet is absolutely essential, your encouragement and positivity are just as important to your child. Help your child form a positive body image and watch for any symptoms of eating disorders. Don't lose weight, appearance, and focus on good health instead.
Here are some tips to entice your 12-year-old into a healthy diet. If you have any other ideas of this kind, please share them with us in the comments section below. Happy parenting!

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