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Normal versus C-section delivery during the COVID period

Pregnancy is a special moment full of excitement and anticipation. However, fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 outbreak are undoubtedly swirling this precious time. The COVID incidence rate continues to rise alarmingly. It urges the government to avoid visiting hospitals for regular monthly checks. Therefore, prenatal checkups are performed at risk, and many pregnant mothers do this to make a call. Pregnant women are also afraid to go to the hospital for their monthly checks for fear of contacting patients with COVID-19 who are still in the incubation period.

In addition, many pregnant mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy predicted the effect of COVID 19 mode on labor, delivery and newborn. Since until now, there is no cure or vaccine for COVID, instead of stress, it is time to persevere. A pregnant mother may ask whether a cesarean or natural delivery is safe during this epidemiological situation. This article may shed some light on this aspect.

Changing perspectives at birth
Today, the world is witnessing several possible changes in the handover process:

  • Demand for home births is increasing in the United States.
  • In many European countries, hospital policies did not allow partners to visit the hospital or be present in the delivery room during labor.
  • In the Netherlands, hotels are transferred to hospitals to care for pregnant women.
  • The NHS urged that hotels be turned into maternity centers to help pregnant women stay out of hospitals during the coronavirus.
  • In addition, the NHS encourages retired midwives and students to support NHS staff in these emerging birth centers.

Normal delivery versus cesarean delivery was programmed during the COVID period

When it comes to the issue of vaginal delivery or safe alternating current during this COVID period, we can say that the pros and cones are the same as they were at the time before the COVID. Currently, there is no evidence to favor one birth method over another in the context of COVID 19. All disinfection measures will be taken in the hospital to protect the mother and the baby in the work room and in the delivery room. Operations. Therefore, a healthy mother who does not have pregnancy complications must choose a vaginal delivery. If there are complications that require a C-section, the doctor will definitely perform a scheduled C-section.

Hospitals take every step to reduce the chances of the virus being transmitted from person to person. In general, let's see what has happened all changes should occur in maternity clinics and hospitals in the context of COVID 19:

  • The number of employees is reduced, and all employees must have a set of PPE.
  • Doctors and those who help the doctor should wear personal protective equipment
  • Delivery rooms should be sterilized frequently.
  • During vaginal delivery
  • During the first stage of labor, if the pregnant mother does not receive regional anesthesia, she is allowed to walk to the delivery room.
  • Nitrous oxide, which is used for pain management, is not recommended in the context of COVID-19, as it increases the chances of respiratory pollution.
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