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'B Project' of LG's Rollable Smartphone will be launched by June 2021

'B Project' of LG's Rollable Smartphone will be launched by June 2021

LG will reportedly unveil its B Project code-named smartphone in June next year. A report stated that the production of the first prototype of the phone began at his factory in Pyeongtaek. The South Korean tech giant also submitted a patent application for the smartphone case earlier this year, which is said to have a large flexible screen. The same thing now appears to be the case for 'B Project' phone. LG has not yet confirmed the development of the `` B Project '' smartphone. In addition, it is rumored that the company will launch two new creative phones, codenamed Rainbow and Wing next year.

Citing sources within the company, a report by TheElec stated that `` B Project '' was named after the CEO of LG Kwon Bong-seok. The phone is being promoted as a "foldable smartphone", as its secondary screen can be folded down from the side of the phone. A separate report from LetsGoDigital suggested last year that it could be "folded". LetsGoDigital said that when the secondary screen is disconnected, the screen expands by 200 percent of its smaller shape. The same publication indicated earlier this year that LG had filed a patent for a smartphone case that could support a large flexible screen.

Returning to TheElec report, a company source told the publication that developing perishable phones is relatively less complex than foldable phones. "Foldable screens must withstand the constant pressure in a small area, but folding screens can dissipate pressure on a wider area," the source said.

LG is also reported to be working with BOE Technology Group in China on display board. Last year, the Bank of England also held talks with Apple to become an OLED provider for the iPhone 2020 models.

There is also speculation that LG will launch two flagship phones next year. It is said that the LG phone called "Rainbow" will be released in the first half of 2020, while a "horizontal" smartphone named "Wing" will be released in the second half of 2021. The specifications of both phones remain unclear.

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