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Review of the most awaited Horror film: Bulbbul

Directed by: Anvita Dutt

Cast: Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Paoli Dam

Beautiful Women are dangerous. If she smiles to herself, or is self-contained or has the temerity to express her inner thoughts which are connected solely to her being, or isn’t automatically and permanently subservient to the men she is surrounded by, she is doubly dangerous. It shows the 19th century Bengal scene. It uses the supernatural horror genre to tell the story of a wide-eyed child bride whose quest for a kindred soul and kindness pulls her deep into peril. The story revolves around the Bulbbul (Dimri) who is a free spirit who loves to climb trees and plucking the raw mangoes in her paternal house, destiny makes her an obedient wife to her much older husband Indranil (Bose), who lives in a big haveli, with his mentally challenged twin Mahendra (Bose as a twin brother) who is married to Binodini (Dam), and their Younger brother Satya.

As per the reviews, the movie is over-directed and underwritten, some incidents can be predictable and the viewer can not stay curious for a long time. 

The story revolves around the time 1881, Bulbbul, a precious girl with an appetite for scary stories is married into a wealthy ‘zamindar’ family. But the girl who thinks that she is been married to Satya got married to Satya;s elder brother Indranil. 

In Bollywood, there are very few movies which are horror and most the time the industry mix the genre and the fusion are made, most of the fans like those also but to talk sorely about horror Bollywood has lacked somewhere to release a good horror movie. The characters established and suddenly the films jump 20 years into the future where Satya on his back to his mansion after completing the study in London got to know about the series of mysterious deaths, which has taken place in the time that he has been away. The villagers seem to believe that it is the doing of the witch that haunts the surrounding forest. Satya neglects all these rumors and says that these all are tales that are false.  

Some reviews are not so positive for the movie as per a few incidents in the movie and also because the “Pataal Lok” is quite afresh in the mind of the viewers and that is something which is now the benchmark. Apart from this, it has covered all the attires, style, and way women use to be in the typical Bengali mansions. Which is something rare to see these days. 

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