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Is Zomato going to Deliver Liquor?

After the liquor shops got closed in late March, the shops got re-opened this week which leads to hundreds and thousands of people waiting in the long queue. Due to which it got again shut down.

Zomato is already in delivery the groceries in different states. Zomato and Swiggy deliver Groceries and fruits in the state of A.P.

There is currently no provision of home delivery of liquor in India. But now ISWAI( International Spirits and Wines Association of India) is trying to change in conjunction with Zomato and others.

Also, the CEO of Zomato has said to ISWAI,

“We believe that a technology-enabled home delivery based system and solution can promote responsible consumption of alcohol”.

ISWAI’s executive chairman Amrit Kiran Singh said states should allow alcohol deliveries to help boost state revenues hit by the lockdown.

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