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Whatsapp Dark Mode : Full Info | Enable Whatsapp Latest Version

Whatsapp dark mode

WhatsApp dark mode is sort of here, and if you are a part of the automaton beta program you'll already take it for a spin before it's unrolled worldwide. therefore what's it, why will it matter, and once can it roll out?
Whatsapp dark mode is the latest update for the popular messaging app, that will replace the green and grey shades for black and midnight blue. It won’t change the complete look but will be available as an option for anyone who is looking to use it.

Reason to use Whatsapp dark mode

There are numerous reasons why you should try it. The common reason is most users find dark backgrounds easier to look for longer periods of time as there is no glare than you have with the normal interface. Darker screens also use less battery (if your device has AMOLED display)

How to activate Whatsapp Dark Mode

Whatsapp dark mode is available for beta testing, so you can use it now. Some features might change before the final release that will be based on the results of testing. To get the WhatsApp dark mode, you will have to sign up for the beta program via the Google Play Store. There is no need to reinstall the app again on your smartphone, next time it’s updated you will receive the beta release.

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You can check your current version with the long press of the app icon and select app info. If you don’t have the latest version then you can download the available version by visiting the Whatsapp in Google Play and update your app. If there is no update option, then you can download the APK for Whatsapp and install it manually.
Once it’s done, restart the app and tap the ‘settings’ in the corner, which is followed by the chats. You will see a ‘Theme’ option at the top. This will allow you to choose between dark and light modes. If you are using Android 10, you will be able to choose ‘System Default’ to match the app to your system settings.

What Whatsapp Dark Mode Will Look Like

Now, Whatsapp dark mode is present for beta testing, we know that it will be dark grey with green accents and status messages present in yellow. Before the beta release appeared, we will see two types of dark mode - one would be optimized for AMOLED screens. However, there might be three variants available, one with a solid black background. These black pixels would be switched off on an AMOLED display, saving lots of battery in the process. 

For now, Whatsapp is rolling out Dark mode for beta testers of the Android app. A public rollout is possible in the coming weeks. 

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