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motorola announces 4k android tvs in india to fend off chinese rivals

motorola announces 4k android tvs in india to fend off chinese rivals

With each passing day, more and more Chinese companies are diving into the Indian market. As the festive season approaching near, we are noticing that a majority of SmartPhone manufacturers are diving into the segment of manufacturing smart TVs. To fend off these Chinese products, Motorola has taken a major step and announced to launch its new range of 4K Android TV in India.

Motorola brings to you an exclusive new brand of incredible sets of ‘Android Television’ series for the Indian market. A brand that everybody could rely on, and completely trust. The new Motorola 4K Android Box will now be available in India, with a potential to play sources at a pace of 60 seconds frame every second along with the Microsoft’s DRM technology based on PlayReady 3.0 hardware to guarantee the world to experience the pleasure of being with a more extensive array of 4K content. The smart TV has become the new modern Zen, technologically efficient, and electronically friendly. In this modern world of technology, having the remote in your hand through just one click is absolute magic, it works for all the age groups, from kids to adults to elderly aged people. With politics, history, science, geography and entertainment, every aspect under one go, a new world, a new segment of technology and entertainment.

Exclusive Features of Motorola 4K Android TV

  • A 43-inch 4K panel is featured by Motorola’s 43-inch smart Television.
  • The Motorola TV supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and 10-bit color.
  • Motorola TV has an IPS LCD screen panel.
  • It is associated with 20 Watt dual stereo speakers.
  • It comes with out-of-the-box Android 9 pie creative thinking.
  • It also supports official Android TV apps & Google Play store applications.
  • The Motorola 43-inch 4K smart TV also comes with the aid and backing for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix
  • To enables playing games directly, with TV it also offers a gamepad with wireless connectivity.

You can easily buy the Motorola 43-inch UHD smart TV by visiting any of the most reputed online ecommerce stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, or any other platforms where you can save costs. Motorola smart 4K Android TV seems perfect for gaming lovers who want to use TV screen to play games and obtain the authentic and standard Android TV OS experience.

It not only becomes a huge game in the Indian markets but it will incredibly fend off the other Chinese leading companies that stand in power with similar products. The Chinese goods are 10-70% lower than that of the Indian goods. Indian market becomes a huge success when it comes to selling Chinese goods, therefore affecting companies in the same stream to come to the same page. Motorola seems to be a great offering in India; it is aggressive with its pricing and is stirring the market, an instant best seller. So go ahead and grab your new set of Motorola 4K television sets soon, because life can wait but entertainment cant.