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Why is World Athletics Day celebrated in different countries?

It is important for every human being to take care of his/her mental and physical health.  When there isn’t proper balance between these two, the person can get sick or one can start catching diseases easily. The immune system can get weak if you aren’t able to take care of yourself. Playing sports can help a person to become healthy and strong. It helps in contributing towards lower obesity rates and the athletes mostly have lower BMI as compared to the Non-athletics people.  The people who stay active would always have a lower rate of high B.P. and diabetes.

There is a particular day which is dedicated to the athletics of the world. The May 7th is chosen as the World Athletics Day which is celebrated in order to make the sports popular among the youngsters. It is basically made to promote athletics in schools and colleges. There are more than hundred counties who take part in this celebration.  There is a total of 117 nations which compete together and it is held for the athletes who belong from age 13 to 17.

History of World Athletics Day

Every special day has a history and same is with World Athletics day. This day was started in for children who belong to IAAF federations. It was started in the year 1996 and the scope of children’s participation kept increasing due to which the Athletics day gained recognition among different parts of the world. It is a part of IAAF responsibly towards society and to make the world a better place by inspiring thousands of people to play games and sports.

Importance of Athletics Day

When it comes to World Athletics, then there are a lot of countries which participate in international tournaments and the national and other local tournaments and matches are also held in every country.  Almost every person should be health conscious and with regular running and other athletic activities, one can have better health. This day is celebrated to encourage every age of people to stay ahead in terms of health.  

The World Athletics Day Date of this year would fall on 7th May. It will be celebrated by various countries together with full enjoyment and fun.  Almost everyone is looking forward to having fun on this day with the various athletes and sportsperson.  When it comes to socialization, there are many people who lack in it and this can be improved by playing sports and athletic games. The children who start playing games in their early life don’t get addicted to smoke and drugs easily. There are lesser chances of female athletes to get pregnant when they are in high school.  It can be a great way to enjoy life by keeping health in mind.

The adults who love to play sports are able to have an active lifestyle with a group of healthy friends.  Regular outdoor athletic gaming sessions can make one happier and healthier than before. The World Athletics Day is celebrated in order to make everyone get motivated towards sports and athletic games.   Various tournaments and celebrations are organized to aware the people of a different part of the world.

How can it be celebrated in a better way for children?

Every country should look forward to taking World Athletics ahead by inspiring young minds into it. The field of athletics can develop the mind of child faster and it can be a great way to develop socialization skills among kids.  The kids who aren’t able to make friends faster can do it after they start playing games. In order to celebrate this day in a better way, the news channels can organize panel discussions and interviews with the famous athletes of the world. The children can get to know about the famous personalities who play for the country.

They can get inspired by them and can choose athletics as their favorite sport. The tournaments and matches should be organized in schools and institutions every month but there should be something special on this day.  The prize can be distributed to the kids who perform well during the sports day activities. It can inspire kids to play more and more outdoor games. These days, most of the people are getting in the trap of technology but outdoor games can help your kid to develop both mentally and physically.  So, you can definitely consider taking help of the athletics day to inspire and motivate youth for playing sports and athletic games.