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Importance of technology day in the lives of Indian people

Science plays a major role in the lives of every human being and it is really important to find out a day when you can celebrate the advancing technological achievements. National Technology Day is celebrated every year on 11th May and it started after the Pokhran Shakti Test in the year 1998. This day brings encouragement among the students who want to take up Science as the main subject for their career. Every year quizzes, interactive sessions, competitions, and presentations are held globally.  This is one of the most important days for planners, scientists, and engineers.

History of National Technology Day

The National technology day is observed in order to memorize the famous nuclear Shakti test which held on 11th May in the year 1998. It is a proud day for all the Indians as it praises the importance of science in the life of Indians. At this day, Shakti Missile was launched by Indian Army in Pokhran, Rajasthan and it was administered by the aerospace engineer and late president, Dr. Kalam. Just after the two days, India tested two more nuclear weapons due to which PM A. B. Vajpayee considered India as the nuclear state and it became the 6th country which joined the nuclear club of the world. It was a great achievement for India and that’s why National technology is celebrated on 11th May every year.

How National Technology Day does is celebrated?

This day is celebrated every year with full pride by the Indians as it represents the achievement of a country in technological creativity and science integration. The National technology Day date is chosen after India joined the nuclear club and that’s why it plays an important role. In the engineering colleges and other technical institutions, interactive sessions are organized along with quizzes, presentations, lecturers and many competitions. Various companies and individuals are able to get National Technology award on this day by the President of the country for their contribution in the science field. The science and technology ministers also come ahead to celebrate this day so that science can be developed in a proper manner.  The students get the chance to visit nano-technology, technology centers along with computer labs along with their teachers so that they can get more knowledge about the technological field.

How can national technology be celebrated in a better way?

When it comes to spending money on research & development, then India is the country which spends around 10% of the money in the whole Asian continent. The scientific publications grow rapidly in India but the still country lags behind in science field. There is a huge population in India but the number of scientists is lesser. When it comes to globalization, then India is ranking ahead of its older times but it still needs to be developed in the field of technology.

The National Technology day is a great way to spread awareness among the people for the importance of technology and science in human lives. This day can be celebrated by educating children about well-known science achievers of the country and the parents should also tell their kids about the famous discoveries of the scientists. The knowledge of science can enhance the thinking level in the kids and they would get encouraged to choose science as their subject.  The schools and institutions should encourage students to take part in quizzes and science projects.

Almost every person should go to visit science museums of the country in order to know more about the technology and it would give rise to science tourism in the country. There are a lot of news channels and those can help in presenting the information about the science field to the general public. The interviews with scientists can be taken and it can definitely make a great change in the lives of people. The panel discussions can also be a great way for the people to get connected with the famous scientists of the country on 11trh May Technology day date.

The people should read magazines and books which are related to science and they should also encourage their friends, family members and children to read those books.  The information about technology can’t go in vain and that’s why one should focus on studying those magazines. When one wants to get technological information about pharmacy, agriculture, health, and infrastructure, then science plays a major role in it. The National technology day date should be remembered by every citizen of India so that awareness in this field keeps increasing.