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Check out the topmost dangerous secret societies

Check out the topmost dangerous secret societies

You must have heard about the occult and secret societies in the world? The people are attracted to these things and there might be some reason behind it. Even if you won’t join these communities, you definitely want to know about it. The secret society is an organization or club in which most of the activities are hidden from the people who aren’t a member of this society. Almost every step is taken without the knowledge of people living in the world who are non-members.

Mostly, secret societies have their secret goal and agenda due to which they work towards their conspiracies. The members of these societies do some secret things in order to preserve their movement and themselves from the eyes of the world. These secret societies mostly work against the will of the good mankind society. The members of these societies have to get an oath which they need to follow while working. Here are the top most dangerous secret societies about which you should know:

Order of skull & bones

skull & bones

As scary as the name of this society sounds, it is believed to be a part of a lot of conspiracies. It was founded in the year 1832 by students of Yale University and it became popular in the world because its founders were the CIA members. They used to do some sick practices and always tried to hide those secrets from the eyes of the world. There were some awkward sexual acts which are the very well-known sign of this community. When someone wants to join this group, then that person has to lie naked inside the coffin and then he has to tell about the darkest and deepest sexual secrets of himself to the other members of the society.


Order of skull & bones

If you believe the facts, Wikipedia believes that this is an organization which used to exist in the 17th century. This group was famous for all kinds of people without any religion or discrimination issues. It is basically a group which was made to help the other masons in this group. Some say that this help concept is just to attract more and more people towards the group. They have to take blood oath in 33-degree temperature and they have to take a vow not to tell any of the secret related to the Freemasonry group.  



Some people call it Hashashin while some call it Assassin but it is the most fearful secret society all over the world. Mostly the members of this society are famous for killing or striking their targets even if there is a security guard in from to them. Till the year 1256, there was a group of around eight masters who used to rule this dangerous secret society. In the year 1258, the Mongols almost destroyed their sect in Syria and Iran. Not all of the members were killed during that time but they scattered in different areas and it is believed that some of them are also working in the present time.

Illuminati society


This society got popular after the Dan Brown novel titled, the Da Vinci code came into the market. In this modern society, this is the most famous and cult society in which a lot of celebrities are involved. It was founded on 1st May in the year 1776 which used to oppose religious influence, superstition from people. This society used to make conspiracies against world affairs and they used to make mastermind plans to establish a new order in the world. This group is very famous among people because it is shown in movies, television shows, novels and a lot more places. There are some researchers who believe that Illuminati pull all the major event strings in this current world.

It is not obvious to get into such societies but people love to know about these societies. If you have any interest in these occult societies, then you should read books about these and you can also do a lot more online research where you can get secrets about these secret societies in the world. It is not much difficult to find out your answers but you need to stay alert from the members of these societies. You need to stay aware because some of its members might try to attract you and no one known’s when you will become the member of one of these occult and secret societies and it won’t be a great achievement for your life.